maybe i shouldn’t make drafts and just publish.

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Note: I found this draft from 23 Nov 2008.  i’m a little worried about myself. now you all can read my crazy ramblings too.

so as i look at my blog i see i’ve been absent for around oh say 4 months.  in that time i’ve moved around 3 times and inhabited 1different state and 3 different countries.  so to say that i’ve been preoccupied is perhaps a bit of an understatement.

let’s see.  what would the major highlights of the time gone be?

1. i learned how to insert an iv and did so to someone.

2. i learned that while everything i really care about can fit into 1 large duffel bag and 1 smallish book bag those 2 bags are incredibly heavy.

3. i really enjoy playing katamari with the character ‘daisy’.

4. horrible windows viruses ruin my life.  (everyone should use mac)

5. getting lots of inoculations on one day makes me feel like a bio hazard.

i’ve recently settled again and started knitting like a mad-woman so i have some fo’s to show too.

also, getting comments is amazing. i generally figure that i read this for me, but then all of a sudden someone says something and it’s just a wonderful feeling.  (i keep thinking that no, i won’t rip out the monkeys cause someone said they look ok) (i also keep thinking that i need to get some confidence in my work but that’s another story)



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just watched RHPS (rocky horror picture show to the virgins out there) today for what must have been the first time in years.  amazingly enough i remember more of the audience participation than i would have expected.  glad to know i still have it in me.

went to the tailor the other day to get another patch sewn on my top.  he chided me for tearing holes in my cloths.  (he put on the first patch)  i tried to explain that it’s not my fault because i wear something that rubs there all the time, but i’m not sure it got through.  kinda made me feel like i had a parent here.  odd.

i miss pets.

knitting is going slowly.  i’m distracted and don’t get much time.  i think it’d help to finish a project, but i think that’s a ways off right now.

got weighed this morning.  found out i lost at least 6 lbs. since april.  it was a nice feeling, and i totally ruined it by eating all sorts of candy.  i’ll be good now i swear.

ran 2 miles this morning.  didn’t get a good time, but i didn’t have any breathing problems.  i consider that a huge accomplishment.

learing pashto.  the other day i fumbled my way through ordering bread at the bakery.  they only laughed a little.

i’ll try to get a real blog post in soon.

i could use a little luck right about now

a perfect candidate

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so recently, (i.e. monday/4 days ago) i had PRK.  where i basically got my prescription inscribed on my corneas with la-sers.  a joyous time.  but in the process (a mere 2 weeks) the doctor told me i was a perfect candidate for the surgery.  hot damn.  i don’t think i’ve been a perfect candidate for anything since kindergarten and even then i missed kindergarten round-up thanks to the chickenpox.  (i mean really i had been to pre-school at least 3 times by then) i was kinda nice to know that i had succeeded at something even if it was all things beyond my control.

well it seems to be good now, but i feel like i’m cheating all the time.  i take out the trash and don’t put on my glasses.  do the neighbors think i’m slumming?  cheating?  not care enough to see the world around me?  i feel like a big faker.  i should be wearing glasses to see.

i really want to put on my glasses to see, but i don’t think it’ll help and i really don’t want to fuck up my vision.  not sure what to do.  at least for now i have to wear sunglasses so it’s not sooooo strange.  just a little.

have been knitting a lot though.  got up to besty’s for some new yarn and started and finished bella’s mittens in about a week.  a quick knit.  the yarn i used, (serenity chunky weight) seems to be pretty wind proof too.  hope the mother parental unit likes them for christmas.

still hard to focus on computers for long times so this is it.



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i’d like to think that we all have fears.  the most common are heights, various others, small spaces, big spaces, etc.  i’m good with those.  shove me in a box, place me in a field and throw me out of a plane and i’m good.  but try to touch my eye or get near it and i’ll run.  on this note i’ve decided that it’d be a great idea to get lasik or whatever that thing is with the lasers (say it like dr evil does).  well, yeah.  i hope you can see the conflicts.

today was appointment #1.  i arrive.  i tell nurse type awesome person, ‘i’m not so good with things touching my eyes.’  she says ok, but i know she doesn’t understand.  we take pictures of my eyes/corneas in various ways.  i’m good.  then we get to put in eye drops so we can measure my eyeball pressure.  less good.  i have trouble getting in the eye drops, but i get there.  then they try to put the thingies in my eyes.  straight up bad.  i mean think of a 2-year-old at a doctors with a temper tantrum.  i’m quiet and i try, but i freak when it gets near.  not the best idea.  we finally get all the measurements, but it took a good 20 minutes.  i go away with saline drops, instructions/orders to get better at this before my next appointment or the doc will kick me out.

so, i’ve spent most of the day trying to put in eye drops.  my peers have offered to put them in for me, my partner laughed at me, and my kids (i.e. all those i supervise) took the piss out of me and are planning on videotaping this on monday for future amusement.  let’s just say i could be a lot better at this.

now can you guess my plans for the weekend?  i’ll enjoy my eye drops and try to knit.  yeah.  i’m living the sweet life.

evil drops of doom


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Lesson 1:

if you leave your driver’s side widow wide open in the rainy season you will find your seat soaked and standing water on the floor.

Lesson 2:

locking your door does nothing to change lesson 1.

Lesson 3:

there is no valid reason to spend anytime in Louisiana.

Lesson 4:

New Orleans is the only exception.

Lesson 5:

free gas = ridiculous trips on a whim.

Lesson 6:

if you don’t drink there is really _no_ reason to go to Louisiana.

Lesson 7:

if you live in a room with more than 30 people it is not ok to snooze your alarm from 0430 to 0630.

Lesson 8:

colds are no fun.

i like random graffiti (location here Spitalfields/White Chapel, London)


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so um.  you may have not realized this but running is not my forté.

in fact i have so many issues when running that every day i do it (which is monday through friday) someone i don’t know makes sure to ask me if i’m all right or if i need medical attention.

this makes me enjoy running less than other people.

now most places don’t care if you can run, but for me it’s quite an important part of my life.  now i can run well enough to not be fired, but it’s still not the most pleasant of things.  now while i won’t be fired, i may be looked over for promotions or simply excluded from some things.  not really something i’d like.  i strive to be competent and proficient at my job and to have my work looked over simply because i have issues running makes me nervous when the people in charge are around me when i run.

so today we figured, five mile run, seems like a great idea.  we start.

my boss shows up next to me.  not great, but he’s heard me run before, and knows what’s going on. it’s ok.

then my boss’s boss shows up.  less good still, but not terrible.  he’s cool with my suck and plus he’s only with me for a couple hundred meters.  no worries i think.  he’s just checking up on me and well that’s that.

then i find both of them at the turn around point.  oh.  this is really not good.  they’re gonna single me out and tell me that they’re sorry i suck, but they’re gonna have to get rid of me.  damn.  and i was planning on going to the development session next week.

but no, they’re just around.  i think they’re tired and i’m a great excuse for not running fast.  ok.  big boss goes away and my boss stays with me for the rest of the run.  i got this.

_not so_

i get to the end of the five miles with my boss and i’m pushing myself because i try to stride out the last block.  so now i sound like i’m really gonna die.  less good and fun, but i’m used to it.

then who do i see but my boss’s boss and my boss’s boss’s boss.  the big man and the über big man and the über big man’s partner.  (my boss is the man and fortunately the gigantor big man wasn’t there) fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.  über big man’s all ready chewed me out once for sucking at running.  i’m so fired.

but no, they’re cheering me on.  and clap when i finish.  i want to melt and die.  i think big man was just covering his ass with the über big man because we’re all going to this development session next week.

not what i wanted to see, but i guess it’s working out.

(this is only equaled by the fact that a couple of weeks ago when i was running five miles the gigantor big man’s partner asked for my name and to make sure i wasn’t dying. i hate running)

Who sees this driving home from work?

kids say….

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so last night we had a sort of get togheter with all the emoplyees and their families at cici’s.  after most of the fooding was compleated, the guy in charge got up and relayed some basic information so the families would have an okay idea of what we  were doing and what to expect in terms of hours logged at work by their spouses.  after he was done one of the wives came up and related this anecode to him.

while he was talking, her kid asked her who he was.  she told the kid, ‘that’s your dad’s boss.’ and the kid responded, ‘but he’s brown!’

she laughed and thought it was hilarious.  boss man thought it was pretty funny.  i think it’s pretty funny.  but the more i think about it the more concerned i get.  yes, kids say some pretty funny things, but where would he get the idea that ‘brown’ people shouldn’t be in charge?  the only answer i can get is that the kid get’s it from the parent.  so now i find the whole thing kinda wierd.  why would you relate that story if the basic views related in it are generally reflective of your own.  who knows.  i do know that this lady is a whole other issue.  so maybe that explains some of it.

excuse for being late heard at work: ‘my wife forgot her id card so i had to call my husband to get a ride.’

i finished this pillow a while back.  i figured it’d be more decorative than anything and i wasn’t sure how i’d like it, but in fact it’s the perfect size for sleeping with so that’s what it’s used for.  i gave it to the boy and he seems to like it (sleeps with it every night) so that worked out well.  there is a strange stain on it now too.  it’s all red-ish and such and wierd, but he won’t let me wash it.  i made it a slip cover so i could do just that, but no.  i guess that means i did good in choosing a project and materials, but it’s just gross now.

finished some mittens too.  need a friend around so i can get better pictures.  (it’s hard when you have two hands, two mittens, and one camera. something just doesn’t quite work out.