i got stung in the face by a wasp.  fucking wasps.

admittedly i knew what i was getting into.  earlier i had asked someone to move this thing and they called me and said that after they threw rocks at it (don’t question this) something like 47 wasps came out and they ran away like little girls so they weren’t gonna touch it.

i was ok with this idea.

then i go down there.  i say ‘fuck it’ and i try moving this thing.  initially all is good.  now realize this thing is an old spool for cable.  about armpit height.  about 5′ across.  it’s heavy.  really heavy.  right when i’m semi-bent over and holding this thing at about a 45º angle one.  i say again,  one.  one stupid fucking wasp comes out, flies at my face, stings me, does something like sting me again or get caught in my sunglasses, and finally leaves.

stupid thing had an unfair advantage.

i now plan to kill his entire family.  they shall pay.

oh,  i finished this a while ago.  i like it alot.  it’s comfy.

and another shot because i can.

what? you don’t use 3 different yarns in one project?

~ by lapawlow on Thursday, 22 July, 2010.

One Response to “today”

  1. stupid wasp. A chicken jumped on my head today. It hurt, a little.

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