wwkip day

sooooo….no shit there i was, reading the ska (sock knitters anonymous) forums on ravelry when i noticed there was a photo scavenger hunt.  i thought, well, i can do that.  so i’ve spent the last day taking photos of my sock in progress with everyone i could think of.  well, most people i could think of.  i’m kinda scared of some of my higher level bosses, i didn’t want to cause an international incident, and i wasn’t really allowed to travel.  so i took pictures of lots of people.  and my sock.  i think everyone who lives in the same place as i do thinks i’m completely insane.  but they all did it.  and they all smiled and laughed.  i think it helped in the long run.  it was just such a ridiculous request.

what else did i learn….ummmm…stupid things make me happy?  who knows.

~ by lapawlow on Sunday, 20 June, 2010.

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