maybe i shouldn’t make drafts and just publish.

Note: I found this draft from 23 Nov 2008.  i’m a little worried about myself. now you all can read my crazy ramblings too.

so as i look at my blog i see i’ve been absent for around oh say 4 months.  in that time i’ve moved around 3 times and inhabited 1different state and 3 different countries.  so to say that i’ve been preoccupied is perhaps a bit of an understatement.

let’s see.  what would the major highlights of the time gone be?

1. i learned how to insert an iv and did so to someone.

2. i learned that while everything i really care about can fit into 1 large duffel bag and 1 smallish book bag those 2 bags are incredibly heavy.

3. i really enjoy playing katamari with the character ‘daisy’.

4. horrible windows viruses ruin my life.  (everyone should use mac)

5. getting lots of inoculations on one day makes me feel like a bio hazard.

i’ve recently settled again and started knitting like a mad-woman so i have some fo’s to show too.

also, getting comments is amazing. i generally figure that i read this for me, but then all of a sudden someone says something and it’s just a wonderful feeling.  (i keep thinking that no, i won’t rip out the monkeys cause someone said they look ok) (i also keep thinking that i need to get some confidence in my work but that’s another story)


~ by lapawlow on Thursday, 17 June, 2010.

One Response to “maybe i shouldn’t make drafts and just publish.”

  1. Your sister-in-law reads it. It’s a great way for me to check in and get a little flash of your life apart from whatever FOs I find on Rav. Keep writing.

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