just watched RHPS (rocky horror picture show to the virgins out there) today for what must have been the first time in years.  amazingly enough i remember more of the audience participation than i would have expected.  glad to know i still have it in me.

went to the tailor the other day to get another patch sewn on my top.  he chided me for tearing holes in my cloths.  (he put on the first patch)  i tried to explain that it’s not my fault because i wear something that rubs there all the time, but i’m not sure it got through.  kinda made me feel like i had a parent here.  odd.

i miss pets.

knitting is going slowly.  i’m distracted and don’t get much time.  i think it’d help to finish a project, but i think that’s a ways off right now.

got weighed this morning.  found out i lost at least 6 lbs. since april.  it was a nice feeling, and i totally ruined it by eating all sorts of candy.  i’ll be good now i swear.

ran 2 miles this morning.  didn’t get a good time, but i didn’t have any breathing problems.  i consider that a huge accomplishment.

learing pashto.  the other day i fumbled my way through ordering bread at the bakery.  they only laughed a little.

i’ll try to get a real blog post in soon.

i could use a little luck right about now


~ by lapawlow on Wednesday, 16 June, 2010.

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