a perfect candidate

so recently, (i.e. monday/4 days ago) i had PRK.  where i basically got my prescription inscribed on my corneas with la-sers.  a joyous time.  but in the process (a mere 2 weeks) the doctor told me i was a perfect candidate for the surgery.  hot damn.  i don’t think i’ve been a perfect candidate for anything since kindergarten and even then i missed kindergarten round-up thanks to the chickenpox.  (i mean really i had been to pre-school at least 3 times by then) i was kinda nice to know that i had succeeded at something even if it was all things beyond my control.

well it seems to be good now, but i feel like i’m cheating all the time.  i take out the trash and don’t put on my glasses.  do the neighbors think i’m slumming?  cheating?  not care enough to see the world around me?  i feel like a big faker.  i should be wearing glasses to see.

i really want to put on my glasses to see, but i don’t think it’ll help and i really don’t want to fuck up my vision.  not sure what to do.  at least for now i have to wear sunglasses so it’s not sooooo strange.  just a little.

have been knitting a lot though.  got up to besty’s for some new yarn and started and finished bella’s mittens in about a week.  a quick knit.  the yarn i used, (serenity chunky weight) seems to be pretty wind proof too.  hope the mother parental unit likes them for christmas.

still hard to focus on computers for long times so this is it.



~ by lapawlow on Thursday, 5 November, 2009.

One Response to “a perfect candidate”

  1. I think the only thing was when I got contacts, I could put them in and take them out without thinking about it the first go round. Then in college my body started to hate the contacts. Oh well.
    You could just get glasses without a Rx in them so you feel normal.
    Miss you!
    Ps. I need your address, the boys address and your real email.

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