i’d like to think that we all have fears.  the most common are heights, various others, small spaces, big spaces, etc.  i’m good with those.  shove me in a box, place me in a field and throw me out of a plane and i’m good.  but try to touch my eye or get near it and i’ll run.  on this note i’ve decided that it’d be a great idea to get lasik or whatever that thing is with the lasers (say it like dr evil does).  well, yeah.  i hope you can see the conflicts.

today was appointment #1.  i arrive.  i tell nurse type awesome person, ‘i’m not so good with things touching my eyes.’  she says ok, but i know she doesn’t understand.  we take pictures of my eyes/corneas in various ways.  i’m good.  then we get to put in eye drops so we can measure my eyeball pressure.  less good.  i have trouble getting in the eye drops, but i get there.  then they try to put the thingies in my eyes.  straight up bad.  i mean think of a 2-year-old at a doctors with a temper tantrum.  i’m quiet and i try, but i freak when it gets near.  not the best idea.  we finally get all the measurements, but it took a good 20 minutes.  i go away with saline drops, instructions/orders to get better at this before my next appointment or the doc will kick me out.

so, i’ve spent most of the day trying to put in eye drops.  my peers have offered to put them in for me, my partner laughed at me, and my kids (i.e. all those i supervise) took the piss out of me and are planning on videotaping this on monday for future amusement.  let’s just say i could be a lot better at this.

now can you guess my plans for the weekend?  i’ll enjoy my eye drops and try to knit.  yeah.  i’m living the sweet life.

evil drops of doom


~ by lapawlow on Friday, 16 October, 2009.

One Response to “fear”

    mmm have fun with that. I learned to focus on a point far away and drop! Then I wasn’t watching the giant drop of ice cold goooooe headed at my eyeball.
    miss you

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