Lesson 1:

if you leave your driver’s side widow wide open in the rainy season you will find your seat soaked and standing water on the floor.

Lesson 2:

locking your door does nothing to change lesson 1.

Lesson 3:

there is no valid reason to spend anytime in Louisiana.

Lesson 4:

New Orleans is the only exception.

Lesson 5:

free gas = ridiculous trips on a whim.

Lesson 6:

if you don’t drink there is really _no_ reason to go to Louisiana.

Lesson 7:

if you live in a room with more than 30 people it is not ok to snooze your alarm from 0430 to 0630.

Lesson 8:

colds are no fun.

i like random graffiti (location here Spitalfields/White Chapel, London)


~ by lapawlow on Thursday, 15 October, 2009.

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