so um.  you may have not realized this but running is not my forté.

in fact i have so many issues when running that every day i do it (which is monday through friday) someone i don’t know makes sure to ask me if i’m all right or if i need medical attention.

this makes me enjoy running less than other people.

now most places don’t care if you can run, but for me it’s quite an important part of my life.  now i can run well enough to not be fired, but it’s still not the most pleasant of things.  now while i won’t be fired, i may be looked over for promotions or simply excluded from some things.  not really something i’d like.  i strive to be competent and proficient at my job and to have my work looked over simply because i have issues running makes me nervous when the people in charge are around me when i run.

so today we figured, five mile run, seems like a great idea.  we start.

my boss shows up next to me.  not great, but he’s heard me run before, and knows what’s going on. it’s ok.

then my boss’s boss shows up.  less good still, but not terrible.  he’s cool with my suck and plus he’s only with me for a couple hundred meters.  no worries i think.  he’s just checking up on me and well that’s that.

then i find both of them at the turn around point.  oh.  this is really not good.  they’re gonna single me out and tell me that they’re sorry i suck, but they’re gonna have to get rid of me.  damn.  and i was planning on going to the development session next week.

but no, they’re just around.  i think they’re tired and i’m a great excuse for not running fast.  ok.  big boss goes away and my boss stays with me for the rest of the run.  i got this.

_not so_

i get to the end of the five miles with my boss and i’m pushing myself because i try to stride out the last block.  so now i sound like i’m really gonna die.  less good and fun, but i’m used to it.

then who do i see but my boss’s boss and my boss’s boss’s boss.  the big man and the über big man and the über big man’s partner.  (my boss is the man and fortunately the gigantor big man wasn’t there) fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.  über big man’s all ready chewed me out once for sucking at running.  i’m so fired.

but no, they’re cheering me on.  and clap when i finish.  i want to melt and die.  i think big man was just covering his ass with the über big man because we’re all going to this development session next week.

not what i wanted to see, but i guess it’s working out.

(this is only equaled by the fact that a couple of weeks ago when i was running five miles the gigantor big man’s partner asked for my name and to make sure i wasn’t dying. i hate running)

Who sees this driving home from work?


~ by lapawlow on Friday, 2 October, 2009.

One Response to “running”

  1. Girlie the hub is making me run, to get over my deep seated emotional issues with working out, which stems from a freak PT teacher who made a stupidly busty middle school girl run the mile with the rest of the class. FU Mr. Murphy, FU. SWEET on the hot-dog mobile.

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