kids say….

so last night we had a sort of get togheter with all the emoplyees and their families at cici’s.  after most of the fooding was compleated, the guy in charge got up and relayed some basic information so the families would have an okay idea of what we  were doing and what to expect in terms of hours logged at work by their spouses.  after he was done one of the wives came up and related this anecode to him.

while he was talking, her kid asked her who he was.  she told the kid, ‘that’s your dad’s boss.’ and the kid responded, ‘but he’s brown!’

she laughed and thought it was hilarious.  boss man thought it was pretty funny.  i think it’s pretty funny.  but the more i think about it the more concerned i get.  yes, kids say some pretty funny things, but where would he get the idea that ‘brown’ people shouldn’t be in charge?  the only answer i can get is that the kid get’s it from the parent.  so now i find the whole thing kinda wierd.  why would you relate that story if the basic views related in it are generally reflective of your own.  who knows.  i do know that this lady is a whole other issue.  so maybe that explains some of it.

excuse for being late heard at work: ‘my wife forgot her id card so i had to call my husband to get a ride.’

i finished this pillow a while back.  i figured it’d be more decorative than anything and i wasn’t sure how i’d like it, but in fact it’s the perfect size for sleeping with so that’s what it’s used for.  i gave it to the boy and he seems to like it (sleeps with it every night) so that worked out well.  there is a strange stain on it now too.  it’s all red-ish and such and wierd, but he won’t let me wash it.  i made it a slip cover so i could do just that, but no.  i guess that means i did good in choosing a project and materials, but it’s just gross now.

finished some mittens too.  need a friend around so i can get better pictures.  (it’s hard when you have two hands, two mittens, and one camera. something just doesn’t quite work out.


~ by lapawlow on Wednesday, 30 September, 2009.

One Response to “kids say….”

  1. i have always gotten the feeling that my (former) and your current neck of the woods has some serious issues with the “brown” people. I had a person I don’t really like to admit to known once ask me if my neighborhood was “dark”, well the river is right there but we’ve got a street light right there. Then it hit me like a ton of I grew up in seattle and don’t think like that bricks, he wasn’t asking about the ambient lighting in the area. I scowl every time I think I let him in my house. stupid peeps.

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