i like bagels.

so…i failed a bit in the lots of posting, but i’m back so i don’t feel too bad.  work was way hectic these last couple of weeks, but it’s kinda over for now.  i’m moving to a new job early march so i’m sure the hectic feeling will be back then as i try to figure out what all i’m supposed to be doing.  because i rarely know in advance.

i did get the finishing bug so i finished a few more things.  like my fetching gloves.  kinda.  no pictures, because now that i knit the second one i can’t find the first.  i’ll work on that.

i also finished 2 pantas before christmas.  this is an awesome pattern. i think i saw it a year or so on craftster making the rounds under the wrong name.  panta.  but i found it again on ravelry and Drops design.  the real makers of this thing.  it’s a quick knit, looks great, and makes you feel good that you’ve actually accomplished something.  i made the gray one for me out of lion brand cashmere blend and when i went home for christmas my mom saw it and loved it so i made a blue one for her.  (blue’s her favourite colour) sorry about the junky picture of the second, but i took it as i was dashing off to give it to her.  terrible light and i didn’t check it before it was gone.

i did fall in love with the cashmere blend so i’m trying to decide what to make with the skein + that i have left of it.

finished my monkey socks.  nothing exciting though.  the pattern is ok. i’m definitely not in love with it like some other people, but it was easy to memorize.  it’s done so i’m glad. i’m sure some of my issues stem from the yarn i used.  trekking 131. the colours are terrible.  it’s black, wedgewood blue, white, lime green, and yellow.  there’s just one colour too many.  one colour needs to be taken out of the combination.  either the black, the blue or the green.  it’s just wrong looking.  and i kinda hate it still.  as you can see in the picture i didn’t bother to match up the colour repeats because they’re soooo long, but they managed to pretty well still.  if i just always hold my feet about an inch off they look great.  but as i said i don’t really care for this so meh.  i got the yarn because i really wanted to a. knit some socks and b. try some trekking.  the shop had a few colour ways and i know i didn’t like the brach’s colour way so i went with this.  wasn’t the right choice.

oh someone asked about baby blanket patterns i’m considering 2 hard and 3-4 because i like them, but probably don’t have time for them.

the ones i really like are the ‘Speed Hook Baby Blanket‘ from lion brand.  the pictures on the link are less than great, but i’ve see pictures that make the pattern look amazing. i really plan on doing this one i think.  it looks good, should be fast and i think it’d be fun to make.  the other is this ‘Ragged Squares Quit‘ from Crazy Mom Quilts.  i can so so that’s not a problem for me.  also if you’re just looking for amazing quilts or good tutorials she’s got them.  i see today she’s put up another tutorial for a baby blanket.  she’s just amazing. i wish i could be so productive.

the ones i want to make but don’t have time is Hemlock Ring from Brooklyn Tweed it looks great but the amount of detail is too much to do in a short time for me at least.  the other is the pinwheel blanket.  i know i’m a fast-ish knitter, but i want to enjoy making this blanket.  i don’t want to become resentful or spiteful towards it.  so both these blankets are probably out.  oh well, i’ll get to them some day.  right?

ok now, well i’m off to the rest of my day.  only 0830 and all ready i’ve done laundry, taken photos of my kniting, knit on a hat, and written  a blog post.  go me!  ok.  i’m off


~ by lapawlow on Sunday, 22 February, 2009.

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