maybe i need to get out more.

so last night i had this really wierd dream that i was putting on some theatre show that also involved mad, crazy publicity.  whatever it was i was in charge of making sure that we went though everything and sealed up the plastic items after everyone was done messing around with them so they still held their shape and could inflate when necessary.  (these were mostly things like windows, boats, giant sea monsters, etc.)  this was hard to do in the wind, on a bridge 200 or so feet in the air.  moreover, people (actors and other techies) spent most of their time watching me work and taking the piss out of me.  not because i was doing something wrong, but becasue it was my job to fix it.  and because the director was dumb enough to want life size (i.e. freaking huge) knitted replicas of the loch ness monster, jaws, any other sea creature you can make into a 50′ tall terror.

i wonder about myself some times.

on a totally seperate and unrelated note i’ve been having trouble sleeping lately so i decide i should take an ambien last night.  i had the impression that ambien put you out like a light something like anesthesia where you start counting back from 100 and by the time you get to 95 you’re out like a light.  i took it and laid down to read as is my normal bedtime habit.  i didn’t really feel tired at all so about an hour later i put down my book and went to sleep.  on the good side i didn’t wake up unitl 830 this morning so it seems to have done it’s job.  yea.

last week was a bit rough at work.  nothing completely imploded, but the sound system and various cds had some issues working at the right times.  thursday we had a ball/gala for work.  my only job for this thing was to make this slide show play when they said ‘now direct your attention to the 4 screen around the room’ and the live band was supposed to play.  They said that, the slide show started playing, the band started playing.  after about 9:25 the band stopped playing.  at 10 minutes the slide show stopped. (good thing it was made, by someone else, to be 10 minutes exactly) then they got on the mic again and said ‘well, it’s been a long week for a;lksdfj (a;lksdjf being my awesome alies for me)’  i hate my job.  (well, not really, but it’s incredibly frustrating at times)

to make matters better we have a ceremony next week.  a huge one.  we wer scheduled to do a full dress on tuesday morning and the real one is curtain up at 1000.  found out last night from the band that was supposed to play for us, that they can’t make our dress because someone else’s curtains up is at the same time.  they didn’t mention, but it’s also ture, that it’s supposed to be in the same place as our dress.  this is a problem.   i mentioned this issue to my boss and he said ‘oh.’  glad we found this out on a late friday afternoon.  nothing’s going to get accomplished.  awesome.

back to the knitting front:

1. i’m lucky enough to test knit the chile ristra socks.  the pattern (Ravelry) is lovely and i’m incredibly honoured to be allowed to test knit these socks.  the cuff is this brillant chevron pattern and when i’m done posting today, i’m going right back and working into the leg.  hopefully i’ll get to the heel tonight.  i’m all ready impressed with the logic used to create this sock.  the designer (Grace Anna) definately rocks the house.

also in my time off blogging i made a few baby hats:

from up left and around clockwise they are: Elfin, Victorian Baby Bonnet, Propeller, and the old stand by the Umbilical Cord Hat.

i need more too, people are having kids at an amazing rate.  also, my best friend got his wife pregnate.  i could never let that poor kid go though life with nothing hand knit or sewen so it’s just gonna get worse.  i apologise in advance.

ok. i’m off for now.  i’m definately getting in the hang of things now with posting so it should become regular-ish soon.  yea!


~ by lapawlow on Saturday, 7 February, 2009.

One Response to “maybe i need to get out more.”

  1. Love the top of those socks! Love Michigan Avenue as well! I received a mixer as well right before Christmas! I begged for that thing for years and years and years! Long story but I got it! I’ve got to knit a baby item as well…and blanket recommendations?

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