photos! yea!

so….yeah i uploaded some photos.

first off we had an ice storm here.  it was no where near the storms i’m used to in iowa, chicago, or germany, but apparently for the area it was _terrible_.  not only did i get to start work late 2 days in a row, but i got several weather warnings about ‘heave snow.’  to let you know how heavy this snow was here’s this.  ‘heavy snow expected, up to 2″ in 12 hours.’  you tell me heavy snow and i expect 2′ in 24 hours.  not this piddly stuff.  on the down side, no one told me there were weather delays until i was at work so i didn’t really get time off.  (and does that tell you how not bad the roads were? i drove to work with absolutely no issues or concerns.)

the trees did have a few problems though.  they’re not used to the extra weight.  they managed up uproot themselves and loose lots of boughs.  it looks like someone went by and trimmed all the trees, but was too lazy to pick up what they cut off.  heres a few pics.

i did visist chicago over the holidays.  i miss the place bad.  it’s wierd going to places i used to frequent and now feel like a tourist.  i miss feeling like i belong in the city.  i don’t like being a visitor.  however, i did get to have the boy drive me around so i got to take a few photos of the iconic chicago.  sadly the photos i love to take of places i can’t right now.  i need to feel like i belong and then take photos that i guess express my wonder at the little things i notice about the place i feel comfortable in.  but i need to feel like i belong and fit in to a place before i can take photos i like.  so for now, you just get junky pictures that don’t quite express what i need to about a place i love so much.

i also made homemade marshmallows for several relatives for christmas gifts.  i should have taken pictures, but alas, i forgot.  they turned out quite well though and were far easier than i thought they would be.  i did get a new kitchen aid mixer though.  thanks to the boy being quite chivalrous and probably getting frostbite on his fingers.  perhaps i shouldn’t have wanted to go shopping on michigan avenue when the temperature without windchill was negative 2. but he was amazing and carried if for me quite a long way in the cold.  i love that boy.  he also got a crock pot where we cooked all sorts of things.  it was fun and i like cooking.

i started knitting a scarf for a friend.   he’s a guy, but i figure the pattern’s a pretty manly pattern.  i showed it to him a few weeks ago and he loved it so i ‘m pleased.  he has 1 incredibly large dog and i think 4 cats at last count. (he just got a new one) so any cat hair i get on it here or in chicago is totally un-noticeable and ok.  yea!  the yarn in bamboo spun i think and is incredibly soft.  i didn’t think it would hold the cables too well, but it does far better than i thought it would.  i think if the cables were more intricate there would be more problems, but these large traveling stitches work perfectly.

i also hooked up (or more accurately will hook up) my boy with  a knitted heart for valentine’s day.  it knitted up incredibly fast so it was a fun knit.  i wanted a good variegated yarn, but hobby lobby was not helping out in that department.  i found this colour and a bright red.  initially i was going to use a second colour as suggested, but looking at the other finished hearts, i decided i didn’t like the look of the harsh colour change.  i wanted something softer.  so i went with all one colour.  a few things i should have done.  i should have stuffed it as i knit it rather than knitting most of it then realizing i needed to stuff it before i finished it.  i also would have stuffed the bottom part of the heart fuller.  i think the boy will like it because it’s pretty stupid and he’s way into studying his anatomy so it should fit into that niche quite well.  the yarn, hobby lobby i love this cotton, is incredibly soft.  i absolutely love it.  i plan to get more and make some baby hats out of it.  thank god for it being washable.  i can’t give new parents gifts that require hand washing.  it makes me feel too guilty and generally just seems like a terrible idea.  so yea for cotton and yea for acrylic.

if anyone cares i did not watch the super bowl.  i’m a girl and i pretty much live by myself.  receiving no social invites i stayed at home.  i watched the food network and cake decorating.  i finished socks.  i ripped out all sorts of things.  i re-knit them to the point they were before the knitting.  yeah, i have no life.  but i’m sure i’ll get made fun of for it more when i go in to work.  so don’t bug me about it.

now off i go.  i got the finishing bug and the self pity bug.  so i finish things, but feel bad about it.  who knows what’s up with my brain.  but i have more old fo’s to show people so i should post again soon.  i need to get back into the habit.


~ by lapawlow on Monday, 2 February, 2009.

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