so i tried to make a resolution that i’d post on time and often and so much more.  apparently i’m only kinda following though on it.  i think of things all the time and that it’d be a great thing to post on my blog.  but then i never do.  i’m either tired, or lazy, or trying to spend time with the boy.

this last month we actually lived together for almost a month straight.  that’s the longest time we’ve been together since august of 2007.  and now we’re apart again and as far as i can tell, we’re not going to be toghether any time soon.  so chalk that up to disappointment.

on the plus side for both you readers and my crafty obsession, i’ve had a fair amount of alone time so i’ve knitted.  a lot.  it’s almost rather scary.  however since ravelry decided we can upload pictures from our computers directly i’ve been terrible on actually uploading my pictures of photobucket or flicker.  i need to work on that.

ok.  so the pictures i need aren’t on this computer.  perhaps this will have to wait even longer.  until then…..


~ by lapawlow on Monday, 26 January, 2009.

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