i used to hate moving.  it made me nervous.  what was to come?  would i find a place i would enjoy just existing as much as i did in that special place here?  would it be hot in the summer and cold in the winter?  was there a gas stove? did i get a window with sun?

as i move more and more i find that i’m looking for different things.  and that there are certain things that i need to make a place feel as though i’m living there.  now i hope for a microwave and a fridge.  a good size bathtub.  a wireless internet connection.  a cloths rack and a dresser.

what makes it home? the lappy, the mobile/cell/handy, my nalgene bottle, the book i’m currently reading, my wallet, a real mug, and real cup.

there are some comfort things too. my ds; some mash, simpsons, monty python; knitting; digital camera, nice undies; shoes.

strange that so few things are all i really need, but i go around with a car filled to the brim with stuff.  i guess some of it comes from stuff i actually need, but don’t want.  cloths and gear for work.  a horrible printer, stuff i feel bad throwing away, but don’t want.  i wish i was less attached to things.

but then i wonder, if i’m not attached to anything, then what am i doing? i’m attached to the boy, some friends, the world’s best cat.  yet, i’m near none of them.  if i don’t have people i care about and i don’t have things, then what am i doing.  i’m just existing in a void.  it’s rather isolating.  and metaphysically confusing.

but then, perhaps it’s just late and i’m tired and spending yet another night alone.  i’m glad i’ve been doing this for almost a year, and will continue to do so for probably several more.

at least i’ve acomplished some things.

-i found a picture that uses an imac in a cisco course

– i’ve been getting 90’s on my tests.

-i haven’t had to study

-several baby hats

and now.  pics of the baby hats.  people keep having kids.  who knows.

i think that’s all for now.



~ by lapawlow on Saturday, 21 June, 2008.

One Response to “moving”

  1. You have an interesting take on things. I’m somewhat paranoid about being alone. As superman gains energy from the sun, I am energized by social atmospheres. I believe firmly that home is where the heart is…and that can only be determined by people…for me that is.

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