i’m floored

so today brought 2 things to the forefront. one good and one less so. bad first cause who doens’t like to end on a good note.

heard on the radio today. “an out of the closet homosexual flamer” in reference to some of the production crew of <<sex and the city movie>> now, overall i’m pretty liberal. (hell, i worked in theatre and the arts for years.) but i figure people are entitled to feel as they do. however, i thought we were beyond the retarded/pointless/bashing stage. i don’t know. hearing this on national media made me feel lost in a country where i’m no longer sure i belong. (there’s more adding to this, but that’s a longer more complicated post that i don’t want to get into right now) so there’s that.

secondly is the good thing. this awesome video. i love that people made this.

Tricot machine_Les peaux de lièvres from David Valiquette on Vimeo.


~ by lapawlow on Monday, 2 June, 2008.

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