new things!

so i’ve moved yet again and am now living in a microtel. has anyone even heard of this hotel chain before? it’s not bad, but my impression upon hearing the name was less than good. oh well, it’s not terrible, it could be worse, and i’m not paying. all key points.

i also started knitting new things and finished others.

new things first.

pillow of Sei Shonagon


yeah. i’m not very far.

secondly is some monkey socks. i couldn’t be the only one. well i could. but i went to a real yarn store for the first time pretty much ever, and they had trekking xxl and i had to get some as that i had no sock yarn with me and i wanted to knit things. but the colour was only loud and crazy vs my preference of black or gray so i needed a pattern that wouldn’t look stupid. so thusly monkey. i went with it. and like most people, i’m finding it pretty fun to knit. the pattern repeat is short and i’m really moving along quickly. this is good. i need to find some tangible form of progress/completion/achievement in my life right now.

then i actually finished something too. some socks for my friend peggy. i made up the pattern and it went pretty fast. however some moving and schools and all sorts of other things slowed me down. (and my reluctance to kitcher the toes closed) well they’re done now. just have to finish the damn wavy scarf that is a bain to knit, but she likes so i’m making it, before i send them off to her. hopefully that’ll be soon.

hmmm…oh, i started to wonder what the cars my co-workers drive say about me. especially because they think such cars are incredibly cool/awesome/covetable

also me and the boy found this frog outside the hotel. i was amused. a tree frog that was big. and found in the wild. awesome.

sorry it’s taken me so long to post, but i’m hoping that i’ll be better in the coming weeks.

i leave you with an awesome thought.

socks. more socks…..


~ by lapawlow on Wednesday, 28 May, 2008.

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