poo. it’s a funny word.

so i moved again and started a new bit of my job. i  seem to like this part even less and am dead tired all the time.  it seems in that doing less i need more sleep.  8 hours a night just isn’t cutting it.  not that i’m doing anything else so really, it’s kinda sad.

the place i’m at now is cold and doesn’t provide more blankets so rather than purchasing one myself, i’ve started knitting the ombre alpaca blanket.  it’s keeping me busy as i’m now on stripe 2. i’m pretty sure i’ll be moving again before this is finished making it completely unnecessary, but i’m still amused to some extent.

i also tried to copy my car key so the boy could have a copy.  that didn’t so much work.  the car would start then die after 45 secs or so.  i figured it was nothing to do with the key but i tried again today (3 weeks later or so) and they told me there’s a chip in the key.  who knew.  i bought the car used so it only came with a copied key. i had no idea that it could have a chip in it.  oh well.  maybe i’ll get off my bum and actually get a copy for the boy.

he’s done with his semester around the 19th of may so that’s cool.  i’ll get to see him again then.  really i just miss him tons.  well, him and the cats.  those bastards are crazy, but make things better overall.

not much else going on. still trying to loose weight.  down to the last 5-10 lbs i think so hopefully it’ll be off soon.

i also seem to have some sort of allergy issue down here because i start to run and my throat closes up.  it’s not so fun after 500m let alone 3 miles.  hopefully it’ll get better. who knows.

other than that i’ve got nothing.  well, yesterday i got remarkably punchy in that i worked 3am-midnight, but it was all in good fun. really.  well, not really, but it’s over now and i’m on my own til monday.  ‘get’ to sleep out thursday night, but i guess i’ll live.   we’ll see.


~ by lapawlow on Saturday, 26 April, 2008.

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