you know it’s bad when you hate your knitting

so i picked up my knitting again.   i started knitting on wavy from knitty and god.  i hate knitting it.  it’s beyond painful to knit.  but. it’s for a friend and she likes it so i’m doing it.  i just can’t wait to get it finished.  i’m in the middle of repeat 3 right now.  how many do i have to do.  hopefully just 8 or so.  end.  now.  arg.

(taken before i started re-knitting)

i also have 2 fo’s to show you all.  dish cloths so they’re not that thrilling, but i’m happy to finish something.

oh also i finished the other bmp socks so there’s a pair now.  sadly i don’t have them both with me to give you a pic of the pair.  but i promise you there are 2.  and they are different.


also you start to question where you live when this is what you see out your window.

this is in a courtyard of a 7 story building.  about 40 rooms per floor.  about 4 of those floors are double occupancy.  there may be 20 women total in the building. why the hell would 2 of them do this?  it hurts my brain.

i have also become totally obsessed with ravelry.  why would someone make this website?  it’s evil.  it sucks all my time and thoughts.

the boy came down to visit for a week.  it was great to see him and the time was over all too soon.  so that’s a big plus for spring breaks and a big downer for being a geographical bachelor(ette).

we went to the atlanta aquarium.  sadly no working camera though.  it was ok.  we got to touch lots of things, but i longed for a more scientific approach.  lots of tanks with a ton of different animals.  this went for more of the world’s largest tank with some animals. now admittedly 4 of those are whale sharks, but i still wanted more.   i did get some awesome dippin’ dots though.

also why is this a stupid windows world?  why can’t sharepoint or pureedge work happy with macs.  why?


~ by lapawlow on Monday, 24 March, 2008.

2 Responses to “you know it’s bad when you hate your knitting”

  1. Nice dishcloths and socks. And I agree about the sunbathers! Ewwww….

  2. I love ravelry too, kills alot of time

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