happy foot

so.  a while back i sprained my foot.  bad.   story:

i went to see the doctor.  she was impressed by my foot.  she brought in her supervisor.  he was impressed by my foot.  he brought in his supervisor.  so doctor number three is looking at my foot and puts his tumbs on my ankle bones, his fingers on my heel and pushes up.  amazingly enough he managed to dislocate my entire foot from my leg.  it looked horrendous.  then doctor three decided that doctors number one and two should practice dislocating my foot so they would know what it felt like it the future.  that was less fun.  they took several tries before they could do it easily.  until then it felt less than good.  then i got a cookie.  that was better.

at any rate this means that for several months now i’ve been running and such with an ankle brace on.  yesterday i ran two miles with no brace on and it was ok.  today when swimming i could do flip turns and it didn’t hurt.  yea!  good foot.

that’s all.


~ by lapawlow on Tuesday, 11 March, 2008.

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