hey all so i finally have a free moment. here we go. in the time since i’ve written a real post several things have happened. i moved back to the states from germay, started a new job, and have moved several more times. also on a down note, i had one grandparent pass away and another get placed in a nursing home. he has alzheimer’s quite bad and it’s frustrating that he has no clue as to whom i am. but moving on to happier thoughts.

i finished the evening stockings for a young lady. however my picture is not on the computer so you’ll have to wait for it. my pal let me know she got the package but never posted a picture so that’s not going to work either. there is a link on alison’s blog, but i’ll just link to it rather than steal band width.

oh i lied. i actually put it on my photobucket thingy so here we go. it’s not a great show, but it’s done.

evening stockings for a young lady

and a single finished sock

evening stockings for a young lady

yes, they’re knee highs.

i also finished my jaywalkers a long time ago.

jay walkers on the autobahn.

i really love this photo. think it just reminds me of happy things. mm…i miss those days.

i started working on the bmp socks again. i’m now on the foot of the second sock.

finally here’s a pic of what i’ve been doing lately and why i couldn’t post in forever. probably the one and only pic you people will get of me at work. i’m on the left. enjoy.


also i’ve gotten on ralvery so hopefully i’ll get to spend more time making that work. i really like the idea so it’s exciting.

i’m setting up a new computer lab at work. it’s 20 iMac’s so i like it. i don’t like making it work on a system where the other 2 billion computers are pc’s, but hey. it’s interesting to say the least.

i guess that’s all for now.  let me know what you peple are up to, and what exciting things are going on. til next time.


~ by lapawlow on Saturday, 8 March, 2008.

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