dude. life is weird.

ok.  so i got my package from my sock pal.  she’s awesome.  i moved right when the packages were supposed to be mailed and she still got it to me.  she wins.  (i also love the socks.  my first pair with socks that rock, with 2 circs and just basically awesome comfy socks that i wear whenever i can now.  (like right now).  however i need to still upload photos.  (stealing/library net makes this hard.)

i also still need to send my pair to my pal.  it’s all boxed up. i just need to actually go to the post office.

umm….what else.  i finished about 80 bazillion socks lately.  one for my mom.  a pair for me, a single bmp for the boy. and 1.5 of a pair for a friend. also started another pair for my mum and have gotten to the heel of the first sock.

also, i’ve done something random with my life again so i’ll be learning a new job and won’t have access to email or phone or net for something like 22 weeks and 2 days. if anyone wants to write me by snail mail i’m down with that.  it’ll be my life line out of a place that is sure to be stupidly lonely and difficult.  (i’m questioning my choice sanity all ready) it should be cool when i’m done though so that’s a thought.  yea for procuring myself and the boy health care.   for my addy leave a comment and i’ll have him get back to you.

um….went to an elvis fest in friedberg.  it was a huge let down.  went to the altstadt fest in baumholder.  it was ok.  nothing thrilling though.  so that was kinda sad.

i did find a pool here so i now swim pretty much every day. i  feel all healthy and i seem to be loosing weight so that’s cool.

(and sorry. i will try to upload photos.)


~ by lapawlow on Monday, 27 August, 2007.

One Response to “dude. life is weird.”

  1. I got the package today (30 Aug 2007) and I love it! The socks are fabulous, and fit perfectly! It’s funny, I spent about 2 weeks in Friedberg earlier this year helping with the medical part of reintegration for the soldiers returning from downrange, and you were probably there at that time. It is definitely a small world. I’d love to get your address so that I can send you (and your platoon) some goodies from, if not home, then home away from home.

    Good Luck!

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