hey all.  i know it’s taken me forever to post again. life got crazy for a while.

first off i know know that around mid to late july i’ll most likely be moving to baumholder.  unless some other paperwork that’s out of my hands is finished before that.  then i don’t know where i’ll be moving.

secondly.  i finished sock one for my sock pal over a month ago.  i should post a picture.

thirdly.  um. oh yeah.  went to see the world bowl in frankfurt.  i don’t really like american foot ball, but the tickets were free.  now remember the first statement.  got it?  dude.  this was akin to a high school level of play.  it looked like the galaxy qb threw the game.  especially with that  pass he thew straight to the guy who was guarding his team member.  also for reasons unknown to me meatloaf did the pre-game show.  so i got to see him.

fourth.  i have an excercisey test on monday to see if i’m fit.  if so i just have to take a full length photo then talk to people and i get to start a new life/job.  so that’s exciting (terrifying)

fifth.   i’ll do my best to upload photos later today.  that way this post might actually be interesting to anyone besides myself.

6.  almost done with the second jaywalker too.  check that shit out.

seben.  finished another frame for myself.  should photo it for you all to see.

all righty then.  we’ll see how i do on getting the pictures up here.  after work i’ve got to go shopping for a conservative business-like outfit for the photo and interview.  then i get to go running and do sit-ups and push-ups.  then maybe i’ll get to the photos here.  yea!.  no really i’m excited.  (ok, so i’m not, but i’m trying here.)


~ by lapawlow on Friday, 29 June, 2007.

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