does anyone else do something frequently, but never have the right tools for the job?  i was thinking about this as i cut the ends off the jaywalker sock after weaving them in.  did i use scissors? nope.  i found a semi-rusty razor blade around the house (it was sitting next to the television under a stack of dvds) and a sawed through the yarn with it.  it wasn’t at all sharp.

now, this isn’t the only thing i do this with.  i use razor blades or tweezers to tighten the screws on my glasses.  coins to open things that have larger screws.  lighter bottoms to open beer bottles.  and the best one: i generally use a carpenter’s tape rather than a fabric tape measure when sewing.  the reason this is the best one is that i didn’t own a fabric tape measure til about 2 years ago now.  however, i’ve made a living/side money for the past, god, 8 years at least as a seamstress/cutter/draper.  impressive no?  hell, i didn’t even get a sewing machine until 2003 when my mom got a new one.  i got her old 70’s singer.  i do love that machine though.  no issues with it cause it’s all metal and has absolutely nothing to do with computers.  heck, it doesn’t even have an on/off switch.  if it’s plugged in it’s on.  there is a switch to turn on the light, but that’s about it.  (this is interesting, because if it’s plugged in and one of the cats decides that the presser foot makes a great head/butt rest the machine starts sewing and scares them.   it’s great entertainment)

the best thing about today is that i registered a car here.  that’s right.  we got another car.  a car that can, in fact, relate to the post yesterday.  (just try and guess how)

you think about it?  well?  ok.  my car got to experience reunification day first hand.  not ringing a bell?  well, the car’s a 83 vw jetta.  no dome light, clock, power anything (including steering), or radio.  i love it.  i need to make a little person stencil so i can spray paint it on the butt of the car as a ticker.  i just know the ponds guards and mp’s will love that.  it’s also way short.  i can easily reach over the top of it.  the only problem is fitting the 6’3″ boy into it.  the seat doesn’t go back near far enough.  (which is rather strange.  the smart car was no problem, but the jetta.  odd.)


~ by lapawlow on Thursday, 26 April, 2007.

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  1. OMGOMGOMG you got an 83 Jetta? I had one of those until about 5 years ago and LOVED and I miss it! Can you post a picture? Where did you get it? I’m so excited for you.

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