pt. 2

next was easter. i dyed eggs. as you can see guinness is part of our everyday life. yes, i admit it’s kinda sad. i don’t care.

measeater 07

eggs 07

hmmm. so after easter. well. i forgot to mention a project i finished a while ago. my friend was leaving with the nick name of bear so i did a cup set of ‘bear’ in different languages. not bad if i do say so myself.

bear glasses front bear glasses back

through out this entire process. it’s been at least 1.5 months now. our apt has been having issues. they fixed up the attic and didn’t do a great job so well, the pipes leaked. everywhere.

this is the kitchen. if you look you can see both the window box crumpling and the ceiling itself bowing downwards.

kitchen 1

this is our second bathroom. just kinda gross.

cat bathroom

this is our spare bedroom.

box room

and you can see it’s even gone into the main hallway of the building. (you can also see the terrible construction values here. it’s the same everywhere in this apartment people.) they cut corners everywhere so it’s quite annoying

.hall damage

to combat all this i have started all sorts of projects. i’m doing a set of jaywalkers for the first time. i love them and the yarn.

and a set of bmp for the boy. he likes them which is as it should be. these were in the trunk during the accident (right rear) so you can see the problems the us 1 needles have now. it’s a bit annoying to knit with, but i can’t bear to throw them out. (and i’m too cheep to buy more). also, obviously my stranded knitting needs more work, but we’ll leave it as is for now. i need the therapy.

bmp in progress

and let me tell you. i’ve become a fanatic for regia yarns. they hold up well, have great colour, and knit up at the gauge i like for socks. i love this stuff. (all knitting seen today is all regia) i must get more.

i also got a post card from my book swap pal while they were in brussels.  i’m totally jealous and the card made my day. i got another awesome letter from a friend in baghdad so the mail had been good to me lately. that is good. pictures may be forth coming but who knows.

finally, i leave you with a pic of sunny cat nesting in the washed and now drying socks. she’s a jerk. nothing in this house is ever cat hair free.

sunny in socks

so it goes.


~ by lapawlow on Wednesday, 25 April, 2007.

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