pt. 1

so i’m finally updating and with pictures. you should all be thrilled. really.

first off i went to cyprus. it’s a strange place. they don’t own their entire island cause turkey invaded the northern part in the late 70’s and refuses to give it back. this is causing turkey problems in trying to getcyprus secenry into the eu. the entire island is located near syria and turkey and was a former british colony or something. there are still british military bases there and basically it’s a dual language country in that most signs are in both greek and english. cyprus is one of only 2 places in the world that speaks greek. (the other obviously being greece) the country itself is a strange mix of mid-eastern and western culture. overall religion is prominent and strict (islam in the north greek orthodox in the south) they also drive on the left. we stayed near limosa so we were surrounded by lemon trees. i even got to pick off some lemons from the tree in the place we stayed at to use in spaghetti. dude. i felt so cool.

i also found a yarn store. well, i thought it was a yarn store. it had lingerie and so forth with some yarn and other sewing notions in the back. i was kinda wierded out by that. i did get some yarn though so you’ll be seeing some black socks from cyprus eventually. oddly enough most yarn was from england or italy so i’m not sure what exactly i ended up with. hopefully you all can see the small yarn display in front of the nylons or what ever they’re called. sorry about the reflection, but i was definitely getting some odd looks.

yarn/lingerie in cyprus

on the flight home i did get the best airplane meal ever and i know it’s been said before, but really. what’s the point of those security checks if i get these utensils with the meal.

from there we went to berlin. after picking up some friends that were visiting from the states. we went to a nine inch nails concert

where i got a ridiculously priced, but awesome zippy hoodie. i also got to go to berlin zoo. we saw some ice bears, but no knut for us. i’d have to say that the berlin zoo is definitely one of the best zoos i’ve ever been too. (basically i travel and visit zoos) perhaps it was because it was spring, but the animals were all out and active. (even the giant pandas) also you could get close to the animals. none of this we must protect the stupid public that american zoos have. it was amazing. i highly recommend going. it’s right in the heart of the city so no real extra travel required. go. it’s awesome. where else can you go and see things like elephants with sky scrapers in the back ground? personally i think that if you took out the zoo the city would shrink in size noticeably.

i also went to see the wall. or more accurately what’s left of it. this is a picture of the longest section left. wallit’s in former east berlin and quite close to the east bahnhof. umm…train station. yeah. this particular panel is painted to look like the cover of pink floyd’s <<the wall.>> it was initially painted in what was in 89? when the wall came down. no touch up has been done since then. i don’t know how i feel about that. it’s in obvious disrepair, but should we leave it as is for the historical value or should we touch it up so generations can see it as it was? if anyone has thoughts on this i’d love to hear it. i get torn about many things with regard to historical significance. what makes more sense for the future?

on the way home from berlin is where i ran into problems and why i’m still a bit frantic (well, part of the reason anyway). we were involved in a 4 car accident on the autobahn that also included 2 _VERY_ large boars. between 4 cars of people, 2 cars of poletzi, 3 tow trucks, 1 ambulance, and 1 adac (german version of AAA) not one person spoke any english. except of course, the guy who hit us. he spoke some english. at any rate after 2.5 days of crap we finally got out of the leipzig area. i have no plans what-so-ever on returning. we never even signed a police statement. and yet our car was the one that was totaled. arg. we’re still waiting on the german police report. it’s just been a huge pain in the ass. plus i had to pay them to junk my car. arg. and i’m in trouble with customs here because i didn’t do paperwork before i sold it to a german. gah. we still are trying to figure things out with the insurance company and just thinking about it gets me all sorts of touchy. so i will stop and give you some pictures of my poor car. i loved that thing and what it represented to me.


car 1

car 2

after that debacle we went to heidelburg. a good time was had by all pretty much. (really being dd is never terribly fun but hey) for your viewing enjoyment i leave you with bobby in a monkey sculpture. i win for this i think. the sculpture is remarkably accurate in all it’s details. i was impressed.


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