sorry for the lack of posting here as of late. since the car got destroyed life has been hectic. the question of what to do for a car is looming high and i’m finding no easy solution. i wish we could get a smart car or mini cooper, but apparently american car specs are quite different from european ones. however, i’m finding it difficult to pin down either so i can’t even estimate the cost of refitting a car. mrg. i know i’m a fool, and stupidly materialistic, but i miss my car.

i also started some paperwork for a new job possibility today. strangely enough it rather depressed me. who knows. i also started the bmp socks from the most recent knitty. i’m on the 4th invader of the 1st sock and i’m strangely sure that they’re going to come out far to large and small at the same time for the boy’s foot. on the good side i picked up some green regia in heidelburg this weekend for the final invader. it’s offensively green and i really should make a full pair of socks with it if only to offend.

but it’s late and i’m still all distracted and annoyed and filled with paperwork so i’ll leave you all with the hopes that the new sock exchange from the blue blog will start soon and a picture of a fish i took at the berlin zoo. i like it and i hope you all do as well. (click to embiggen)

zoo berlin fish


~ by lapawlow on Tuesday, 3 April, 2007.

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