a little mia here.

sorry i’ve been gone for a bit people. life here got quite crazy all of a sudden. i started helping out at the mail room along with my job at the frame shop so i ended up having pretty much only sunday’s off and was working/gone 7.30-9 at the least. but i’ve been good and have been exercising lots.

valentine’s day was crazy. the frame shop helps make balloon bouquets so i spent my day doing that. the guys are back now and boy do they want the wifs to be happy and have money to burn. i ended up getting four things of balloons and chocolates for some single guys around here. they all seemed appreciative so i’m pleased with myself. they boy and i, however, got nothing for each other and just enjoyed a night spent together. it was a good time.

god it’s been a long time since i’ve been on here. i received my package from my book swap pal. i see that they’re from the dc area. it’s all i’ve been able to do to restrain myself from going through the participants list and seeing whom it could be. (but i’ve been good so far so pal, you still have a secret identity) i need to take a pic of what’s left of the loot i got. (will do once the cat gets off of me.)

i finished the licorice no problem and they boy’s helping me with the chocolate. we’ve been referring to the tim tams and ‘the über-chocolates.’ they’re just filled with the chocolately goodness and put the milano’s to shame. well, the put most american things to shame. i’m still in love with milka though. thank the lords i currently live in europe. whoo-hoo. i was also floored at the amazing-ness of the kookaburra licorice. hot-damn is that some good licorice. dude. i loved the book too. it took a day or so before i had the free time to start, but i finished that sucker in a night. i can’t believe i didn’t hear about this author/series before. they’re great. really.

in the knitting front i finished the socks for george and am past the heel on the second sock for erika. just a bit left to go. (well, there are those socks for the pudgy butt too, but they shoudn’t take long at all.) got to start a pair of socks for me ‘boss’ too. she’s been hinting that she loves knitted socks and had a birthday the other day. how she slipped it by me i don’t know, but now i have to make a pair of socks for her. i’ve got the yarn – some kind of opal gems or something – and should get started on them soon. they yarn is all sorts of nice and should be for 12 euro. dude. regia isn’t that bad over here. it’s only 6 euro or so. so this being double of the average yarn that’s not hand painted or all wool had better be damn good. (again pictures once i loose the cat)

i found this surfing today. go check out this artist. the entire sticker eye series made me smile so much. i love when things make the world a more fantastical place.

(some day i will figure out how to put text around photos. i’m lazy and sick right now though so it’s not happening now.)

so yeah. i’m sick as of yesterday. it’s awesome. my nose varies between stuffed, runny, and dry; and my head feels like it’s filled with goo. i’ve got a lovely hacking cough and managed to wake up with my tongue dry. i swear that is one of the worst feelings a totally dry tongue. ewe. but at any rate, i’ve been enjoying the company of the kids. they seem to have figured out that i need some fuzzy companionship right now so i’mgreatful.

i’ve also been spending my free time, not cleaning or knitting as i should, but playing katamari and futzing with itunes. for those of you unfamiliar with katamari it’s this game where you push around a ‘ball’ that’s sticky and picks up objects smaller than it. so if you were in an office you could start off as a 5cm ball and pick up things like push pins, paperclips, and staples. as you got bigger you could start picking up things like pencils, erasers, and leaves of paper. the game has a variety of goals and you end up getting big enough to pick up things like cats, children, adults, trees, mountains, clouds, etc. i love it. it’s just totally ridiculous. also, the music on the namco website is the same as what’s in the game. just another part of it’s awesomeness.

and itunes. you know how you can add in the cd covers with the latest version? well i’ve become obsessed with this idea. i think i’ve spent at lest 3 days straight doing this. in reality it’s probably closer to a week. i hoping i’m not the only one who’s done this. maybe it’s due to the fact that the boy and i love music and between up have around a total of 23 days of music on the puter. some day i’ll get there. until then though.

no i’m off to feel sick and not do much. yea.


~ by lapawlow on Monday, 19 February, 2007.

One Response to “a little mia here.”

  1. oh, yay, I’m glad you like the package! And the tim tams. YUM. I am not a licorice eater so I’m glad the kookaburra was good – I haven’t tried it! and yay that you liked the book… I think Justine Larbalestier is a pretty amazing storyteller.

    there are a couple participants from DC :-) but I bet you could still figure me out pretty easily if you wanted.

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