la de da

so. i’ve been doing lots of nothing and it’s kept me busy. don’t worry it boggles my mind too.

i went to a kill switch engage, bury your dead, and haunted show on saturday. mike got the four of us in for free so it was a pretty good deal. bury your dead and the haunted were a good time. a standard circle pit and general mayham. however, once kill switch got on stage it was just insane. crowd goes forward, left, right and so on. it finally collapsed on itself only to have the rest of the crowd continue pushing. any semblance of community was lost in about 1.5 seconds flat. we decided to get out of the crowd and actually had to fight to get out. it was insane. generally, a crowd is happy to let you out cause then they get to take your place, but no….not here. i was also taken aback that the band did nothing to help people out. in fact, they encouraged more pushing and shoving. they played for about 45 min. (the two opening band had at least one hour sets) and were charging 45 euro for a zippy hoodie. i was less than impressed. because we didn’t have to pay to get in the evening was ok. otherwise i’m sure i would have been quite pissed at the situation.

kill switch engage  weisbaden

the boy and i took a walk through the town we’re living in right now. it was all sorts of foggy so i think the pictures came out ok. i’d love to hear any comment you people have though. i’m always intreguied as to what makes a good picture.

tree church court yard ilbenstadt

church ilbenstadt

rod iron fence ilbenstadt

wood fence ilbenstadt

i also have been knitting. i finished 1.5 of george’s socks and 1 of erika’s. i kept knitting after i took this so the second sock is now on the foot section and i’ve finished the gusset part. i guess i’m getting faster. still got to find a bootie pattern so they can all have matching socks.

george/erika socks

also i’ve managed to aquire this sign.

military checkpoint

every house needs one.

i’ve also aquired some glass things from ikea. i’m totally obsessed with the idea of etching the names of stuff onto them. i’ll show some pics when i actually do this. i finally picked out a font so now i need to clean the knitting stuff off the printer so i can print the stuff out.

i’ve also started running 3 times a week. this week i’m going to start doing yoga on my days off of running so i can get all bendy again. i’m pretty proud of myself because i’ve lost a few pounds that i put on from depo. i’m all sorts of awesome i think.

i started volunteering at the mail place too. they’re incredibly backed up and could use the help. plus it should look good on job applications and i actually find it entertaining.


~ by lapawlow on Tuesday, 30 January, 2007.

2 Responses to “la de da”

  1. Those are beautiful photos!! What an enchanting location.

  2. I love the photos, too. Especially the one of the green swirly fence-like thing.

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