i’m trying here.

so in my attempt to actually be somewhat interesting i’m posting.

i saw this in my daily blog surfing and couldn’t believe that it’s real.  and has a kit.

horse lopi 2

amazing no?

um other than that i’m not doing much.  i got a box and put most of my fabric in it.  i’m trying to clean, but it’s only going so well.  also i’m going running tonight.  i’m trying to loose the weight i put on with birthcontrol and general bad habbits.  this is also only going so well.  and that is making me relatively depressed.  i just want to be all sorts of healthy and ‘pretty’ like i was before.  i hate things.  now back to my knitting and cleaning.


~ by lapawlow on Wednesday, 24 January, 2007.

2 Responses to “i’m trying here.”

  1. holy cow- holy horse. I always joke about knitting for my horse, but this is the living end. people really do!

  2. Oh no – I don’t belive it!

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