awesome, pictures right?

so i finally got some pictures here. probably not anything that anyone wants to look at, but pictures none the less. first up is a pair of socks that i knit for a friends boy. he’s obsessed with civil war re-enactment so they’re not fun to look at, but they’ll suit his purpose.

johnny's socks

now admittedly they’re a wwI/wwII pattern not civil war, but for now it will do. i’ll make him a better more accurate pair later. base details: knitpicks pallett in fog, us 5 dpn’s, red cross pattern.

secondly is the start of another pair for another’s friend’s boy. (this is what i get for knowing people that want to get their boy’s presents for their return.) these are a simple quick and dirty pattern.

george sock 1

it’s a 1×1 rib cuff, 2×2 rib leg. i’m turning the heel and will continue the ribbing on the top of the foot til i start the toe. i’m useing brittany birch dpn’s size us3. yarn is <<superba klassik 6-fädig>> i think the brand in perhaps schurwolle filzfrei? but that doesn’t make any sense really virgin wool mumble-free? nope i didn’t think so. at any rate it’s comming out a a 150g ball and she gave me 2 other balls of it for socks for her and god only knows what. i’m planning on making some booties out of the extra yarn so pudgy face can match mum and dad. if anyone knows any good and simple bootie patterns let me know.

um…i tried running again last night. sadly after about 15 min my hip was less than happy so i quit after a half hour. i then biked for another half hour, but i was let down. i like running.

i also bought stuff for my book pal swap. i should be sending it out soon. (along with my christmas presents. i’m just a little behind here ok?)

other than that i’m anxiously awaiting the start of the next sockapalooza. i got a pair of knit socks for my birthday, i’ll get you guys a photo later, so i’m in love with the hand knit goods. can’t wait for more.

oh, also i totally want to make some subversive x-stitch for my friend. babies suck (picture of a pacifer) and babies stink (pile of poo). they seem awesome. so i’m gonna try and work that one out too. i took this week off of work so i’m all filled with free time. it’s awesome.


~ by lapawlow on Tuesday, 23 January, 2007.

One Response to “awesome, pictures right?”

  1. Nice socks! And I love the cross stitch ideas. V. cute. and I’m jealous of your week off of work! I’m swamped here!

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