new job = new life

or so i hope.  so i’ve recently decided to take my life in an entirely new direction.  however, there have been some set backs.  first is that my gpa from college is less than fabulous.  (2.9)  the jobs i think i would like and that would give me more options over all require a 3.0.  i tried to mention to people that perhaps because my school is currently rated 9th in the nation perhaps a 2.9 there is equal to a 3.0 from just any college.  they weren’t having it.  (jerks)

the second set back was that for the jobs that required only a 2.5 gpa also required me to be at least 5’4″ tall.  so my assumption of years that i was 5’3″ was a major set back.  it also left me feeling completely inadequate.  not the best feeling in the world.  however on a good note; i got measured by the medics today and they said i was 5’4″ and some change.  they also seemed completely confused as to why i even wanted them to measure me, but no worries there.  it was a great plus to know i was only dumb and not useless at 7.30 this morning.

thirdly is that for my height (or assumed height) i was having trouble meeting weight requirements.  who the heck figures out these things?  i swear it’s people who have never done any physical labour.  after years (nay decades) of dance, gymnastics, soccer, track, and diving along with years of making a living as a carpenter and electrician i have a bit of muscle on me.   i can do things like leg press around 300 lbs. it’s a little sad.  but at any rate, with the addition of the bit of weight i put on in the last year due to birth control and immobility i’m having issues.

(on a side note here)  this whole incident only served to remind me of my friends sean and barney.  they decided that intelligence was directly proportional to height and inversely proportional to weight.  (i.e. tall models are the smartest people you’ll ever meet while fat midgets/dwarfs are dumb as shit)  they even made a graph for me to prove their point.  i like graphs.  they really rub the insult in further and are hilarious when you realize that someone took the time and energy to make it.  but yeah, it seems as though they were right.

so that’s where i’m at.  i got the crown put on finally.  it’s gold so i’ve gotten closer to the idea of a pirate what with the bandanna i wear, the cat that sits on my shoulder, and the periodic limp.  it makes the boy laugh.  i’ve also been reading all the books i received for christmas and my birthday.  i finished all 7 in less than a week.  now for more.

all right, i’m off for now.  hopefully i’ll be back relatively soon with some actual crafting content.  yea me!

(oh and a plus for all of you, the spell check seems to be woking with typepad with no difficulty now.  be excited.)


~ by lapawlow on Monday, 8 January, 2007.

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