ha pictures

ok kids.  i did it. i took _and_ uploaded pictures of all the things i’be been doing.  so lets see here.  um i also think i deleated some stuff of the camera that i shouldn’t have so sorry about that.

so.  first is a set of etched glasses i made for a friend. i got the idea and designs here.  and now, here’s a few pics.

cup 2 cup 1 cup 3
i also finished my friends gloves

jason gloves

and my sister’s gloves.

shell's gloves

finally here’s a link to the bumper sticker i made to give to several people.  don’t click if you’re easily offended.  personally i think it’s hilarious.

on a crappier note, i applied to a job in april that was spot on for me and would have paid enough to support me and the boy and keep us living where we currently are.  on tuesday i got an email saying i didn’t get the job.  this job was exactly what i have been doing to support myself for the last 7 years or so.  i didn’t even get an interview.  it sucks.  the worst part is that i’m sure i didn’t get it simply because some vet or purple heart recipent applied and they get automatic preference no matter if they’re qualified or not.  i hate things.

and yeah.  here’s a pic of the tree we put up.  the boy’s mom mailed us his childhood ornaments so he put them on the tree.  the cat, however, has been supporting my desire for a plain tree and has been slowly devesting the tree of the ornaments.  (she even brings them to us to show how good she is at killing.)  i find it funny.  the boy, not so much so.

tree 2006


~ by lapawlow on Tuesday, 19 December, 2006.

2 Responses to “ha pictures”

  1. I love those etched glasses. Little Man is really into Where the Wild Things Are lately, so this would be a great gift. Thanks for posting about it!

  2. I love the etched glasses as well. Very cool!

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