things here have slightly solidified. i know that i’m going to be living here until february for sure.  so that’s a bit of a relief.  today i’m taking one of the kids to the vet’s for a rabies shot.  i’m sure she’s gonna love me.  i also finished another xmas present, but picutres will have to wait because….

last night the power went out around 10 with no warning.  but just our appartment and the downstairs appartment.   not the stairwell.  it’s strange.  the power’s still out over 12 hours later.  we have no idea why.  so this is going to be a short post.

on the plus side this is definately encouraging me to knit and read rather than putz around on the interweb.  so maybe more things will be done the next time you hear from me.  (on the plus side for me too is the fact that because we have a crappy electric stove i can’t cook either.  yea!)

and now i will log off to concerve the prescious battery power on the lap top.  bye.


~ by lapawlow on Tuesday, 12 December, 2006.

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