why does life have to change

can i tell you people how much i like change?  the answer is NOT AT ALL.  basically i hate change.  i also hate red tape.  thanks to both of these things my life is not constant for anything beyond oh say……the next week.  in fact i’m not sure what continent i’ll be living on; how i’ll make a living; who would be the major ‘bread winner’ in the house; if the kids (i.e. cats) have the right shots to move; if we’re moving to a different town, county or continent; and if we’ll have health insurance.

i hate people for this.  mrg.

in the plus side though.  3 things i think are the awesomest right now.

1. my book swap pal.  she’s emailed me twice and commented on here once.  thusly i’m saying that she has definately made things awesome.  (well i hope it’s a she.  or a really feminine guy.  otherwise i’m making a totally wrong pronoun and i’m embarrased about that.)

2.  femiknitmafia.   she commented on here to let me know that my random brain puke is not simply going out into the internet void.  it made my day.  she also wins points for that.  i like he alot for that.  made life better again.

3. um….oh yeah.  the tv series las vegas.  it’s simply rediculous.  i mean really.  none of these things could be happening.  it’s amazing and a great diversion from reality.  (a big plus right now)

so yeah.  um…i’m gonna try to mail out xmas packages this weekend.  hopefully that means that they’ll get there in time.  still have to finish my sis’s gloves and my mom’s socks.  however, i do have a finished framed print for my mom so it can subsutitue for the socks right now.

(and no i can’t work spell check well on the puter which is why these posts have a rediculous amounts of spelling errors.  sorry)

hmm…what else.  i need to call the dentist.  that’s real exciting i know.  um…well, i get to do some glass etching for xmas gifts so i’m excited about that but it’s going to a person here so i can wait to do that for now.  and oh yeah.  this is awesome.  i finally got my bumper sticker idea printed up on magnets so i can give them out for xmas too.  to all the single guys.  if i’m brave enough i’ll post a pic of it up here, but i’m a bit ashamed to post it to the public in that it’s a bit off colour and i do lots of knitting exchanges so i’m not sure if it’d go over to well.  we’ll see.  ok.  i’m off for now so i don’t have to go through another day of work hating life.  (cause i did today.)

cross my fingers.  hopefully it only gets better from here on out.  (i’m so afraid it’s just going to get worrse.)


~ by lapawlow on Wednesday, 6 December, 2006.

3 Responses to “why does life have to change”

  1. My pleasure. [deep bow]

  2. mmm… the dentist. I went yesterday. Not too fun.
    Hope your diagnosis is better!

  3. Happy to oblige! And yeah, I’m a she so no worries there! I love the new blog look, btw. Very classy. I hope things get worked out in a way that you like soon. and have fun at the dentist! I went on Tuesday.

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