hey all, i know it’s been forever since i’ve updated.  hope all is going well with the -2 people who actually try to read this thing. i apologise for the look of the blog. it’s made me angry so i just gave up.  this week isn’t going to be much better for updating with work being busy and lots of cleaning and cooking going on for thanksgiving.  hopefully it’ll be a good party.  i also need to update the blogs i read section cause it’s way outdated.  um….as for the new and exciting front, i’ve started listing to pod casts now that i finally got teh apple music store to show up in english versus german.  (i stink at german.  why can’t i be in france. i know that language).   but at any rate i’m obsessed iwth muggle net righ tnow.  so i’m rereading the harry potter books.  means knitting has been put on hold.  sorry. i ‘m behind too.  way more to knit for the holidays.

some day i’ll figure out waht’s going on the the book swap thing too.  need to update my blog buttons too.  gah, i stink.  ok then.  don’t hold your breaths for an update, but i’m checking my email so if you leave a comment i’ll get it.  and reply too generally.  so yeah. i’ll stop now.


~ by lapawlow on Monday, 20 November, 2006.

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  1. Still reading…

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