Book swap questions.

you asked for them so you get them.  well it’s sadder than that, but here goes nothing.  the questions for book swap one.

1. What is your favorite book of all time and why?
um…maybe the promise/the chosen by chiam potok.  because i like how i can just read it straight through and somehow feel disassociated afterwards.  (makes for a good writing frame of mind).  i like catcher in the rye for the same reasons.  fire and hemlock by dianna wynn jones is similar.  as for authors i think i’d have to go with either dianna wynn jones or tammora pierce.  i like all their work because it makes me feel better and provides an escape.

2. What type of book do you most enjoy reading?
um. something well written.  and with characters i can relate to.  (yes, i realize that most of this is obvious, but hell i’m gonna say it anyways).  i like children’s fantesy better than adult cause there’s no wierd sex scenes.  but i do like ‘adult themes’ see alanna the lioness series.  so i like fantasy that involves some magic or other wierdness.  right now i’m following, jk rowling, tammora pierce, dianna wynn jones, garth nix, and the collage of magics series.  eragorn too.

3. What fictional character do you most resemble?
i know it’s not a book, but gir from invader zim.  my boy says it’s spot on for me.
4. What is your favorite type of sweet or chocolate?

licorice.  i love it.  red vines and the old school stuff.  _not_ black though.  that’s icky.

5. What are your hobbies?

i knit.  lots of other stuff too. basketry, cross stitch, needlepoint, sewing, carpentry, electrics, photography, reading, music, neopets. most things.  i don’t know.  ask me and i’ll tell you more.

6. Do you collect anything?

um.  computers?  not that’s not nice.  i like hand made things.  (not crappy stuff though.  i.e. 3 rd grad quality)  i’m also making a collection of framed thistles.  i like roses too, but i’m picky.  i admit it.  i’m also trying to cut out clutter from my life so please note that.

7. What is your favorite color?

um, black, grays, silver, some deep burgundys.  also really offensive colours.  like hunter’s orange.
8. What is your favorite movie and why?
i warn you know. i  was a film major.  ok.  i like amelie because the  story is great and it’sjust a nice feel good movie. also the cinematography is great.  i like brotherhood of the wolves for the visual imagery too.  simply beautiful.  um, all about my mother is amazingly moving.  makes me cry every time i see it.  (also i like to see how theatre is portrayed in film and vice versa. [i made my living for years as a theatre tech])  gladiator is nice.  again beautiful and nice story.  i like slc punk and romper stomper for their portrayals of underground scenes.  and i’m obsessed with mash.  no matter what.  pulse.  the original japaneese.  not the new us crap.  it’s an amazing statement on the idea of what is living.  lain is in the same vein.  i’m sure there’s more.  but i’m forgetful and there’s so many.

9. When is your birthday?

to whomever is my pal.  i’m sorry about this.  my birthday is 30 december.  just around 1.5 months to go.  yea!

10. What is your favorite scent?

good vanilla and most rose.

11. Do you have any allergies?

no known allergies.

12. Do you have wishlist on Amazon or another site?

yep.  i gots me one on amazon.

13. What kind of music do you like? Are you MP3 compatible?

music.  hmm…well i’m a classically trained mezzo-soprano and violist, but then i spent years booking punk shows.  so yeah.  i think my favourite bands/composers are cocksparrer, the buisness, holst, some wagner, the cure, bad religion, johnny cash, medieval era tunes, men’s choral, musicals, (lloyd-webber), good blues (bb king), celtic stuff, thick as a brick, dead can dance.

~~~~so, i’m sure there’s more i should probably tell you, but right now i’ve got nothing.  i have a myspace page and i’ll answer whatever anyone asks.  just post a comment here or email me.  i’m also on messenger all the time, so try me there.  (aim, yahoo).  whatever.  i don’t know.  i like answering questions, and i’m happy to actually feel like i’m participating so ask, be weird away.


~ by lapawlow on Thursday, 9 November, 2006.

One Response to “Book swap questions.”

  1. Oooooh, this was super helpful. I already have one idea that I think you will like. Hooray!

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