so you know how everyone is getting those cool packages from the internation scarf exchange and secret pal 9. dude, i’m totally jealous. i want to swap something. but there’s nothing that’s open right now. i’m eagerly awaiting sock maddness in march, but i want to do something before then. (i don’t think it’s gonna happen.) i missed the punk rock gift exchange too and i’m ticked about that. i mean what’s up with that. mrg. i did sign up for who wouldn’t want a hand knit gift and kotr along because i’m doing that anyways, but i watned something exciting. i’m hoping that alison does another sockapaloosa even though she’s gonna be quite busy with another kid soon. (i’m gonna put up new buttons soon too. sorry i’m all sorts of late).

lets see. what else have i been doing. um, i finished my dad’s socks, still no pics, and i started my mom’s pair and a set of mittens for sawyer. also a scarf for peggy. the last two are on big needles so i’m happy. they go fast. and i’ll get pics sometime soon. let’s see what the holiday list for me looks like right now:

gloves saywer

socks mom

socks dad

socks dad (make up pair)

gloves shelley

gloves conor

socks johnny

socks jen

baby sets (2) kathy

socks ryan

helmet liner ryan

kitty hat matt

wow, i told alison 6 for the blog. i think i was off, but then really only 5 things need to be done by christmas. so that’s not a toal lie. ok then i’m gonna leave you with some pics of things i’ve frame for myeslf.

this is a pic i’m sending to my mom for christmasmom heidelburg

mucha a mucha picture i picked up years ago in prague

i ended up with this one by kip frace kip

leah i got this from a friend at graduation. she did it all by hand.

another thistle. this one in embroidery.embroidered thistle

celtic xstitch a celtic x-stitch i liked.

another thistle. (yeah i’m boring.) heraldic thistle

iraq a painting the boy picked up in iraq. i restretched it myself. i’m all proud.

finally a derek hess print. i love this guy. hess print


~ by lapawlow on Monday, 6 November, 2006.

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