what i’ve been doing instead of knitting

so i had really been hoping to get socks knitted for/during socktoberfest.  i don’t think that’s gonna happen.  tonight i finished a sock for my dad.  only eighty billion left to go.  rather i’ve been spending all my time framing.  i’ll try to get some pics of stuff i did for me in the future.  right now i’ll show you what i’ve got so far.

first off is a lovely memorial.  yeah.  they’re not so fun.  and they make my head hurt when i lay them out on the computer.  ploygon shape input is not the shit.

vic's ememorial

then here is a frame i did for myself. i like thistles so i cross stitched this a few years back.  i bought the kit in socotland (edinburough to be exact) and it was supposed to be a note card.  came with a little card thingy too.  but i figured that i’m not gonna have a chance for free framing again anytime soon so i’ll frame all i can.  thusly this got done.  i like it.

thistle branch end

then finally here’s a shot of the sky as the sun rose yesterday i think.  it all fades together for me.  i get there and work for basically 12 hour days.  i don’t particularly enjoy this.  but hell, i’m at least not just sitting on my ass getting more depressed.  whoopie.  really.

sky over auto crafts


~ by lapawlow on Friday, 27 October, 2006.

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