why i hate my current life reason #37

so i was at a bookstore yesterday as is norm.  (hey i like books)  and we were looking around and trying to not be terribly disappointed in the selection.  (it’s not a very good bookstore)  and then as we had finally given up we saw this.  Freud.  Sigmund Freud. the father of modern psychology.  the founder of psychoanalysis.  a smart, scientific man.  his book ‘the interpretation of dreams’  was being sold in the the ‘new age’ section of the store.  why.  there is no justification for this.  the bookstore sucks ass.  we asked why it was sorted there and they simply ignored us.  i hate them.  i hate this community.  i hate stupid people.  mrg.  FREUD IS NOT NEW AGE.  so there.


~ by lapawlow on Monday, 23 October, 2006.

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