still no pictures

so my sock pal allison did get her socks.  that totally thrills me.  i’m glad she likes them.

in personal terms i finished a pair of ribbed socks for the boy (all black of course), and am at the heel turn of the second sock of a pair of germany football club socks.  i was hoping to make them while they were playing in the wc, but i went on vaccation and neglected the socks so now they’re on hold a bit.

on the note of the vaccation.  first the boy and i went to dublin to meet up with an old school friend of mine.  she introduced us to her current boyfriend and his best friend.  we all made good and now are planning to meet up again in london this time (where the boys are from) on labour day.  while there we saw a great play “Jesus Christ: the Guantanamo Years.”  a play that is sure to strike it big when it plays at the edinburgh fringe fest this year. i recomed it if you have the chance.  we also got to go to a good ole traditional family dinner in the country with my friends dad/step-mom who live there.  we had no idea this was comming so we got to have fun and try to shop for cloths on a sunday morning in dublin. we got some good stuff, but definately on the expensive side. (burberry shirt, stilleto heels).  but we found out at dinner that i have the same size feet as her 13 year old half sister so i got to corrupt the youth and had her try on the heels.  definately a good time.

then my parents came for a week which we spent going down to garmisch, with side stops in rottenberg ob der tauber, and heidelburg.  the parents seemed to have a good time and we got to see the eagle’s nest.  it wasn’t as cool as we hoped, but the view was great.  you could easily see salzberg from there.  beautiful.  it was good to see the parents, and now i’m just relaxing again.

well, i’m trying too.  i’m actually acutely lonely now and not sure what to do about it.  i submitted and got a myspace page and have been looking up people i know.  not the healthiest thing i’ve ever done, but hey what do you want.  also spending time on aim and applying/searching for jobs.  i find the latter frustrating because of my background in theatre.  it’s really hard to input years of freelance work into forms that require start and end dates along with sallary.  i have no idea of any of those things.  i do desperately want to work.  maybe something good will come along.

also people are all sorts of testy here.  another guy in the unit was killed by an ied so one of my good friends is really down.  he was good friends with the guy.  mrg.  can’t things just be simple and good?  at least it’s the weekend.  maybe i’ll get off my butt and do things.

till then.

~ by lapawlow on Friday, 21 July, 2006.

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