good lord am i behind

so.  a lot has happened since i last posted.  i finished my 2 weeks at my terrible job and began the obsession that is knitting and cleaning my house. not only did i recieve the package from my sock pal, but i sent off the package to my pal.  i didn't take any pictures of the latter and have yet to upload the pictures of the former. 

but, and here is where it gets really good, i got 2 packages from my pal.  the first was über awesome and had chocolate, 2 (count them 2) pairs of socks, a cool velcro name tag, a chocker, pendant, notepad, pencils, magnet with thermometer in c. and f., and cool soapy washing things (and i'm sure i forgot things too).  dude.  it was totally the coolest package.  the postcards, letter, and old x-mas note have done nothing other than convince me that the person who had me was the coolest ever.  and she gets to live in reno.  how cool is that. 

but, she's even cooler cause she ended up sending me a second package including yarn for more socks, a sock-it-to-me sock guide, and a cool ass knitted watch cap.  dude.  caroline is the coolest ever.  i have to take pics and send them to her with a note.  i wish she had a blog, but sadly no.  hence my totally delayed posting.  (well, that and i'm a jerk)

then i got the boy to send the package to my sock pal and one to my mom.  not terribly exciting i know, but hey, it's my life.  i'm checking her blog obsessively and i'm desperate to know if she likes it.  god, i'm nervous.  i'm also totally indebted to her.  she's been totally cool that i've been terribly behind and i'm hoping that there is somehting that she knows she'd like specifically and that she'll ask me for it.  i like sending people things.  and writing letters.  my friends in highschool and i would decorate envelopes and all sorts of other stupid shit.

my friend megan and i got into a junk mail fight.  see who could get more junk mail/free samples to the other's house.  using our first name and the other's last name.  this was oh say around 7 years ago.  my mom is still getting things addressed to her.  i called her mom about 2 years ago and found that days before she had gotten free stuff from mc do's addressed to me the day before.  behold the lengthy existance of the mailing list.  

on the knitting front.  i'm knitting a pair of socks from the six sock knitalong (yes, i know i should put up the button) and a slightly modified version of one of the ribbed socks from the front of knitting vintage socks.  (i should take pics of both soemtime soon)

hopefully soon the boy and i will purchase a canon rebel d xl.  basically a digital rebel camera.  i first learned 35mm on a friend's rebel and after using another friend's digital one it's definately the camera i think i'm going for.  i like the weight along with the built in flash.  the f stop ends at 5.6.  not the greated and the included lense is only a 35-60 but i'm guessing that it'll be ok for now and then in the future i'll maybe/hopefully get a better one.  macro i think. 

the apartemente i'm in now is the first place i've lived in that has carpet in around 6 years.  i've decided that i'm way less down with vacuuming than moping and swiffering.  damn i miss chicago.  guess that's why i read bonnie marie's blog.  the last place i had in chicago was about 3 blocks from her place and i'm sure i've parcked in front of her place.  sadly though i'm betting my theatre tech hours are what kept me from meeting her on the bus.  well that and the fact that the 66 actually has many buses.  (as opposed to say the 55).

i'm currently being obsessed with neopets too.  trying to find secret avatars. it's only going so well.  i'm not entirely down with the hand eye coordination thing.  it's why i play soccer.  

speaking of soccer the world cup is in frankfurt this year.  the boy and i are thinking about getting tickets.  it's only 23k or so from our place so well see.  

the parents are visiting in july so if i'm gone for an amazingly long time again that's probably why.


~ by lapawlow on Wednesday, 7 June, 2006.

One Response to “good lord am i behind”

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What an amazing package – I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The socks are so gorgeous – THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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