more sockness

so. i was going to upload photos, but flicker has decided that i've reached my limit for the month so i'm out of luck.  i'm currently on the heel flap of my 4th sock and hopefully i'll be done soon.  (i'm worried that the mail is going to take forever, so i'm going to mail a little early)

i  also finished 2 silk scarfs this week but again no pics.  

mmm….over all this week was pretty good.  celebrated a birthday at a coffee house and good conversation.  also really kept my place pretty clean.  not to bad if i do say so myself.  on the work front not much has changed.  i still rather hate my job and am looking for a better one.  i'm also, very excited to finally realize that i too will be getting a pair of socks sent to me.  i kept showing my boy all these socks on other people's blogs 'til he told me to shut up.  (i'm a bit over excited about this whole thing.)  

who knows.  maybe this week will be better at work.  god i really hope so. 

~ by lapawlow on Monday, 24 April, 2006.

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