socks, flowers, and cats.

so. i hope you all notice that i did indeed finish one pair of sockapaloooza socks and have started the fourth and final sock.

i think that i matched up the stripe pattern damn well if i do say so myself. (go me)

i also managed to get a shot of the other sock w/o cat intervention.

it was nice here for a while and i think i got a good pic of my other cat sunny by our balcony.

fianlly i went to the dentist today (7.30 ow) to get a crown fixed and then waited around for 5 hours for the boy to pick me up so i could go home. he got me flowers becasue i had to go to the dentist, wait, put up with him kinda drunk yesterday, and cooked a 4 course meal for 6 people on 1 day notice. and it was tastey. i was thrilled. not only are the flowers beautiful, but i get to use the vase my mom got me for my birthday. it's this cool plastic thing that when you fill with hot water is totally moldable and then when you put cold water in, it 'fixes' into shape.

i think it's one of the coolest things to happen in a while. it totally made my day. now i get to go back to knitting. (hopefully get this sock done in time.) and do some more silk painting. i really don't want to work tomorrow and i hope to god my boss isn't a total arse this week. we'll see though. i also applied to a 'dream job' of mine today so lets all cross our fingers and hope that i get it.

~ by lapawlow on Monday, 17 April, 2006.

2 Responses to “socks, flowers, and cats.”

  1. Wow, awesome socks! You’re making two pair?! They are both gorgeous. Love those stripes!!

  2. Beautiful socks! Both pairs are gorgeous!

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