some random crafts

so. i work at an arts and crafts store. yesterday i helped teach a class on basketry. over all it went pretty well, but i ended up with a huge hedache because i only know so much german. the lady who was helping me teach it is german and knows no english. i know some german but it was still a stretch. so i end up having this class of 12 women or so staring at me like dogs who had been shown a card trick. so i translated the best i could. it was interesting to say the least. (plus you’d think that most of them would know some german living in germany as they do, but no.) (what makes that worse is that most of them have been here longer than i have. i’ve only been here about 6 months not quite.) but at any rate we made baskets. here’s mine.



a few weeks ago i learned how to do silk painting. so i figured i’d show you all a pic of a scarf i made a while ago. i think i’m going to be giving these out for christmas, but i’m not entirely sure yet. we’ll see.


finally here’s a progress pic on my third sock. hopefully i’ll finish it out today and then start on the second lace one. i really wish that i had 2 pairs of size 1 needles. i’d much rather do both socks at once. i don’t have any small circs and know nothing about the magic loop method and such so i’ll stick to my dps. i like them. probably cause i like poking at things, but hey. they’re still fun.


hmm…general life update. went to a barbeque on monday night at the barracks. don’t let anyone tell you that these people are mature. i swear to god i just feel like i’m back at the dorms at school. they do things like draw on sleeping guys with sharpies and turn of the hot water on one floor so the guys there take cold showers the next morning. it’s a pretty good time in my book. plus it’s just a lot of fun. think they’re having another bbq on thursday cause it’s a 3-day with easter so they’re celebrating. good times.

~ by lapawlow on Wednesday, 12 April, 2006.

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