so. i hate working for the gorvernment. and it’s not even directly. it’s this wierd sideways position that pays terribly and one of my bosses treats me like an idiot. mrg. however, because of this i’ve done, oh, nothing in the way of knitting. i tried the other day and my gague is _way_ tigher. i think i’m a little stressed. i must remember to keep calm when he askes me questions like “is the math too hard?” dude, it was simple math. as in basic algebra (ie 3+x=7) or less. i hate this man.

however, this is why i’m looking for a new job. i found one that is totally spot on in terms of duties and my past experience. however, location sucks, and i’m sure i’m not going to get the job because i’m too young. i also don’t suck up to people and play the name game. this hurts my job prospects and _that_ kills me. anytime i simply speak my opinion or the fact that i was not hired to take out the trash for the whole shop and i express my dislike of this i get told, well, that’s just the way it is. gah. i hate my boss and i hate beaurocratic tape. i also wish i could get a note from a doctor that says i can’t do things and it would be respected. i hate my body.

mrg. i miss my weekly monopoly game. if i’m good i’ll take some pics to show the 3 people that might look at this. otherwise i apologise for an ugly bolg. and now, i go to bed.

~ by lapawlow on Friday, 7 April, 2006.

One Response to “work”

  1. I once had a job where I was told I couldn’t get a promotion because I “didn’t talk enough at lunch”. I was 22 and very shy. Good luck in your job search… I eventually found a job that I loved with people that were great, with great prospects for promotions. Sadly, I had to leave it so we could move for my husband’s job. :(

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