_my_ first sockapaloooza update

so. i made it and 1. finally got a blog (i hope you all notice this now) and 2. took and uploaded photos of my socks.

here we go. i’ve finished 2.5 socks and obviously they’re not matching. why would i bother to be intelligent and actually make a matching pair. who knows. at any rate. first off we have the new england sock from kotr.

some day we’ll have some sun here and i’ll actually take a pic of the socks on my feet. until then this is what you get.

secondly we have some plain socks of my own basic design from regia cotton india colors kalkutta colorway i think. i’m not sure. at any rate it’s bright and cheery.

regia cotton
as you can see i had some help with the photos. my cat ash was being particularly needy and prevented me from getting any kind of a clear shot. sorry about that. i’m proud of myself for matching the strips on the socks. i’ve never had to do that before and i think it looks _ok_. i’m not really pleased with the second pair of socks. the colors really freak me out. (hey, all the other socks i’ve knit 5-7 pairs have all been in straight black so i’m a bit worried) the colors seem to be what other people go with for ‘happy’ and so i’m just going with it. i hope my pal likes them.

i’m hoping for some comments from other sockapalooozers to keep my hopes up. (really i’m just afraid that i’m going to send this in and that no one will respond at all. ~squeezes eyes and hopes~

i’m enjoying everyone elses socks and not looking forward to going to work this week. it’s espically terrible after managing to have most of last week off due to medical reasons. mrg. i need to find a new job.


~ by lapawlow on Sunday, 2 April, 2006.

4 Responses to “_my_ first sockapaloooza update”

  1. Looks great! I love the colors of the india colors and I LOVE the lacey sock. Ash looks like a cat we used to have. Her name was Magoo.

  2. Welcome to blogland!!!
    I adore the New England sock – what a gorgeous pattern!

    And Ash is gorgeous!

  3. I think both pair are great socks. I think that the new england sock is especially beautiful, but I love how you have matched up the stripes on the second pair. I haven’t tried anything like that, and I can’t imagine it is too easy. By the way, I read your comment on my sight (about the army socks) to my son, and he was so happy. It is amazing how easy it is to make a little boy happy. The thought that he is wearing “real” army socks just like “real army soldiers” is just overwhelmingly exciting to him.

  4. Those are some beautiful socks! I especially love the white ones with the lace motif – lovely…

    Remeber: it is a Cat’s Biological Imperative to not only help but be photographed for posperity while being so… :)

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