so.  after spending much of my time the last two years reading other knitting blogs, and blogs of friends i figured that i should perhaps start a blog of my own.  well, start again, i had one before they were 'blogs' and now that i'm doing this sockapalooosa thing i really just got a kick in the ass.  so yeah.  here it is my shiney, brand spankin' new blog.  be amazed. 

i'm not sure how often i'll update or what exactly is going to be on here so i guess it's a trial run.  amazing right?  at any rate i'm sure i'll get off my ass later today to take a shot of the socks i've been working on so i can let everyone else in the sockapaloosa check them out and hopefully ~crossing my fingers here~ give me some feed back on them. so until then….lindsey out. 

~ by lapawlow on Sunday, 2 April, 2006.

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