Hey You!

•Tuesday, 27 July, 2010 • 3 Comments

you should be glad you’re not here.

(taken at 9:47 in the morning)


•Thursday, 22 July, 2010 • 1 Comment

i got stung in the face by a wasp.  fucking wasps.

admittedly i knew what i was getting into.  earlier i had asked someone to move this thing and they called me and said that after they threw rocks at it (don’t question this) something like 47 wasps came out and they ran away like little girls so they weren’t gonna touch it.

i was ok with this idea.

then i go down there.  i say ‘fuck it’ and i try moving this thing.  initially all is good.  now realize this thing is an old spool for cable.  about armpit height.  about 5′ across.  it’s heavy.  really heavy.  right when i’m semi-bent over and holding this thing at about a 45º angle one.  i say again,  one.  one stupid fucking wasp comes out, flies at my face, stings me, does something like sting me again or get caught in my sunglasses, and finally leaves.

stupid thing had an unfair advantage.

i now plan to kill his entire family.  they shall pay.

oh,  i finished this a while ago.  i like it alot.  it’s comfy.

and another shot because i can.

what? you don’t use 3 different yarns in one project?

i so won

•Wednesday, 21 July, 2010 • Leave a Comment

so somehow i managed to win the wwkip day photo scav hunt.  i’m not entirely sure how, but it’s been pretty awesome.

here’s some of my prizes

from the sanguine gryphon

also from the sanguine gryphon

from hiya-hiya

from knit witch yarns (GREEN!)

i also finished some socks i was knitting.  these are cauchy from cookie a.  a very quick knit.  the colour’s a bit off in these photos.  sorry, but no buildings around here have windows so good picture taking is hard.

overall the fit is good.  nothing real fancy, but it kept me interested and after a few repeats i had the pattern memorized.

earth quake

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so the other day i lived through my first earthquake.  now it’s the kind of earthquake that people who have earthquakes don’t even think about.  just a little wiggle.  nothing.

it took a while to convince everyone that it wasn’t an explosion of some kind.

also, a good friend of mine just had a baby girl so i made her a hat. (they like skulls)

(pre-blocking photo)


•Friday, 25 June, 2010 • 1 Comment

i got yelled at today by someone. i don’t think they’re right, i know they don’t have the authority to tell me what to do, and if i hadn’t been cleaning up trash w/o a name tag on i don’t think they would have yelled. so why do i feel bad?

i miss my fat dumpy kitty


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people at work have been using the phrase: like white on rice.

i’ve never heard that phrase before and i find it odd.

but then they tell me they’ve never heard the word: egregious.

i guess we’re even.

wwkip day

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sooooo….no shit there i was, reading the ska (sock knitters anonymous) forums on ravelry when i noticed there was a photo scavenger hunt.  i thought, well, i can do that.  so i’ve spent the last day taking photos of my sock in progress with everyone i could think of.  well, most people i could think of.  i’m kinda scared of some of my higher level bosses, i didn’t want to cause an international incident, and i wasn’t really allowed to travel.  so i took pictures of lots of people.  and my sock.  i think everyone who lives in the same place as i do thinks i’m completely insane.  but they all did it.  and they all smiled and laughed.  i think it helped in the long run.  it was just such a ridiculous request.

what else did i learn….ummmm…stupid things make me happy?  who knows.

maybe i shouldn’t make drafts and just publish.

•Thursday, 17 June, 2010 • 1 Comment

Note: I found this draft from 23 Nov 2008.  i’m a little worried about myself. now you all can read my crazy ramblings too.

so as i look at my blog i see i’ve been absent for around oh say 4 months.  in that time i’ve moved around 3 times and inhabited 1different state and 3 different countries.  so to say that i’ve been preoccupied is perhaps a bit of an understatement.

let’s see.  what would the major highlights of the time gone be?

1. i learned how to insert an iv and did so to someone.

2. i learned that while everything i really care about can fit into 1 large duffel bag and 1 smallish book bag those 2 bags are incredibly heavy.

3. i really enjoy playing katamari with the character ‘daisy’.

4. horrible windows viruses ruin my life.  (everyone should use mac)

5. getting lots of inoculations on one day makes me feel like a bio hazard.

i’ve recently settled again and started knitting like a mad-woman so i have some fo’s to show too.

also, getting comments is amazing. i generally figure that i read this for me, but then all of a sudden someone says something and it’s just a wonderful feeling.  (i keep thinking that no, i won’t rip out the monkeys cause someone said they look ok) (i also keep thinking that i need to get some confidence in my work but that’s another story)


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just watched RHPS (rocky horror picture show to the virgins out there) today for what must have been the first time in years.  amazingly enough i remember more of the audience participation than i would have expected.  glad to know i still have it in me.

went to the tailor the other day to get another patch sewn on my top.  he chided me for tearing holes in my cloths.  (he put on the first patch)  i tried to explain that it’s not my fault because i wear something that rubs there all the time, but i’m not sure it got through.  kinda made me feel like i had a parent here.  odd.

i miss pets.

knitting is going slowly.  i’m distracted and don’t get much time.  i think it’d help to finish a project, but i think that’s a ways off right now.

got weighed this morning.  found out i lost at least 6 lbs. since april.  it was a nice feeling, and i totally ruined it by eating all sorts of candy.  i’ll be good now i swear.

ran 2 miles this morning.  didn’t get a good time, but i didn’t have any breathing problems.  i consider that a huge accomplishment.

learing pashto.  the other day i fumbled my way through ordering bread at the bakery.  they only laughed a little.

i’ll try to get a real blog post in soon.

i could use a little luck right about now

a perfect candidate

•Thursday, 5 November, 2009 • 1 Comment

so recently, (i.e. monday/4 days ago) i had PRK.  where i basically got my prescription inscribed on my corneas with la-sers.  a joyous time.  but in the process (a mere 2 weeks) the doctor told me i was a perfect candidate for the surgery.  hot damn.  i don’t think i’ve been a perfect candidate for anything since kindergarten and even then i missed kindergarten round-up thanks to the chickenpox.  (i mean really i had been to pre-school at least 3 times by then) i was kinda nice to know that i had succeeded at something even if it was all things beyond my control.

well it seems to be good now, but i feel like i’m cheating all the time.  i take out the trash and don’t put on my glasses.  do the neighbors think i’m slumming?  cheating?  not care enough to see the world around me?  i feel like a big faker.  i should be wearing glasses to see.

i really want to put on my glasses to see, but i don’t think it’ll help and i really don’t want to fuck up my vision.  not sure what to do.  at least for now i have to wear sunglasses so it’s not sooooo strange.  just a little.

have been knitting a lot though.  got up to besty’s for some new yarn and started and finished bella’s mittens in about a week.  a quick knit.  the yarn i used, (serenity chunky weight) seems to be pretty wind proof too.  hope the mother parental unit likes them for christmas.

still hard to focus on computers for long times so this is it.